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    I posted a few weeks ago about my PB not doing what it was meant to with the whole turning on business and I thought I'd overcome it all when it turned on looking all nice and the way it was meant to, but now it will only work when plugged in and charging. It will not charge. It has been at 0% for a few weeks now, and as soon as I turn off the power it turns off like unplugging a desktop or a tv. I've left it charging for hours at a time and tried doing the whole stacked charging although I don't think that really helped because it has already turned on. Why is it doing this and more importantly how do I stop it? Is it time to just use my warranty and send it into RIM? I can bridge all of my saved stuff to my phone while it's on charge, but if there's a way to fix it that will make things easier.

    tl;dr it'll turn on but the battery won't charge and turns straight off when unplugged.
    08-05-12 04:09 AM
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    I'm glad to say that I've never had charging problems on my PB, but my saying that doesn't help you much... so maybe the link below will help:


    Post #7 in that thread explains a technique called "stack charging" that may help... You say you've tried it but the post has been augmented with other techniques found to do the trick so it might be worth another try. If not, there's always the RMA route available to you.
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    08-05-12 04:16 AM
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    Read my previous posts, I had the same issue. I would post more info here but on hols on the beach, can't see the screen lol. Good luck hope you get it resolved.
    08-05-12 10:16 AM