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    Got a new 64gb few weeks ago - love the device, great screen. Loaded the 2.0 beta OS and been using the device at home with no issues, but charging every night on the stand.

    This week, on my first trip, got on the plane and battery was dead by time I got a chance to pull it out.

    Googled around and it seems to be a reported problem, but no obvious solution in the threads I searched, except run battery guru for diagnostics.

    Today it went from 100% to dead in less than 6 hours in standby, airplane mode, "pause" background applications. This after a reboot.

    Any suggestions - do I return it or is this a software issue?
    01-31-12 03:51 PM
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    You are on the Beta, may well be worth a secure wipe. I've not had any problems with the beta's apart from 7111 which seemed to drain my battery quicker the any other.

    Like I said, try a secure wipe and upgrade to which ever beta you've been happy with.
    01-31-12 04:07 PM
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    You don't seem to be a Battery Guru customer yet, but I'll help you anyway. ;-)

    If it truly went from fully charged to dead in 6 hours, you'd have noticed something: heat! That would have meant it was consuming 3W the entire time (18Wh divided by 6h is 3W), and if you picked the thing up at all you should have noticed it was fairly warm on the back.

    Possibly it wasn't really fully charged. The 100% is just a software estimate, after all... and it can get screwed up. When you charge it, do you leave it in until the lightning bolt vanishes, or just pull it off when it you see the 100% showing?

    Also, since you're on 2.0, you should be aware sometimes it can get "stuck" with the screen and backlight still on even when you think it's off. That shouldn't use 3W, however, unless you have the screen bright on full (and maybe not even then).

    Also, since you're on 2.0: downgrade it before calling RIM. You're not going to convince them to return it if you say you're running the beta and have a problem with it. Downgrade, retest, and only then consider calling.

    For only two bucks, you could just buy Battery Guru and get some real data on what's happening, though. ;-) (After all, I just gave you more than $2 worth of free advice! :-) )
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    01-31-12 04:51 PM
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Peter is Da Man and knows his STUFF!!!
    01-31-12 05:04 PM
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    Beta software, one can't really complain about anything unless you are a developer having problems with your application or coding.
    01-31-12 05:16 PM
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    OK - here are the BG results. Seems to have gone from 100% to 0% (wifi off, in standby, display off) in about 12 hours. This still seems excessive.

    appreciate your input, thx
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    02-01-12 02:20 PM