1. LesRock's Avatar
    Just a couple of days before I updated to 668 I noticed that my battery was draining quicker than usual. I used to just charge my PB when I went to bed but now I have to charge it at least twice a day. I've also noticed that the BB symbol on the back gets very warm. I also have to reboot at times to get my email. It seems that something is continually running in the background. This battery drain takes place with just casual use such as surfing the net and checking emails (no gaming ). As I type this, my PB has been on only to check emails, brief net surf and to type this and I have used 30 percent power. I have not done a security wipe yet but maybe that will help. Any ideas on what the problem may be?
    09-19-12 06:23 AM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    Definitely sounds like something is running in the background. Hotmail accounts and sync interval set to manual have both been implicated in excessive drain threads. If neither of those are your problem, try a hard reset by holding down the power button until the PB starts shutting down. Good luck
    09-19-12 08:17 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Hotmail and Manual email (native) sync have been implicated. (well, Chaddface beat me to it - that's what happens when I open tabs for each new thread and then reply to them in turn!)

    Any new apps or sideloaded Android apps? Any new gps programs?
    09-19-12 08:35 AM
  4. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    I guess outlook would be considered hotmail no? Hmmm maybe it's time to experiment and disconnect my outlook this week.
    09-19-12 09:56 PM
  5. LesRock's Avatar
    Just a follow-up to my battery issue. Thanks for the replies! I did a security wipe after finding a similar issue posted on the CB forums and this seems to have solved my problem. Thanks again.
    09-20-12 06:18 AM