1. cdnrider's Avatar
    Any game lovers out there that have not purchased The Bard's Tale, It is on sale today for $2.99.
    Great game, loads of fun!

    From what I understand from their tweet, it is on sale on for not just the PB (other platforms as well).

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    10-15-12 04:46 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Nice catch.
    10-15-12 05:26 AM
  3. Ishaq786's Avatar
    Bloody . I bought it not so long ago.
    10-15-12 07:51 AM
  4. mikeo007's Avatar
    Great game, it's got hours and hours of playtime and a great sense of humour. $1.99 on iOS also if you prefer that medium.
    10-15-12 08:34 AM
  5. Ishaq786's Avatar
    No, we don't prefer iOS.
    10-15-12 09:11 AM
  6. mikeo007's Avatar
    No, we don't prefer iOS.
    Thanks for your valuable opinion. Was only providing the info.
    10-15-12 09:26 AM
  7. andyJH's Avatar
    I was about to purchase this but there is a little warning about problems with OS 2.1. Can anyone confirm this?
    10-15-12 09:57 AM
  8. cdnrider's Avatar
    OS 2.1: The warning said something about speed or performance issues and that they were working on it. The game works fine, I have not noticed any major speed issues yet.

    At this price I would buy it knowing that it will be updated in the future to fix the speed issue.
    10-15-12 10:16 AM
  9. togardergrosse's Avatar
    After having NFS, Tetris, MC2, Shadowgun, Creavure, for free..
    I reluctantly spend money on games.
    But seeing this one,, damn..

    oh, and not because I'm cheap, but my PB is only 16Gb LOL

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    10-15-12 11:23 AM
  10. bdegrande's Avatar
    No, we don't prefer iOS.
    Useless post - and thank you to the OP, I just bought the iOS version (I have played the PlayBook version ever since it first came out).
    10-15-12 12:05 PM

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