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    I should know this by now but I tend to do these things manually...

    1- When you back up your tablet through the Desktop Manager, does it save your settings or only the files?
    For example, if I do a full backup, re-install the os and then restore the backup, will I have to re-install all the apps and reconfigure all the settings or will the tablet be restored completely to its previous state?

    2- Is there a way to sync files or folders between my pc and the Playbook automatically?
    There are files on which I work at home (pc) and at work (Playbook): Whenever I update one of those files on the tablet, I'd like the outdated one on the pc to be replaced by the new version, and vice versa. (Using cloud is not an option.)

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    02-22-13 09:52 AM
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    1. As far as I know it only backs up files/folders. I've seen a few threads where people said they had to redo all the email accounts and such.

    2. I think if you use the new Blackberry Link it does what you're looking for. Blackberry Link it may require an update
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    02-22-13 10:52 AM
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    Ok, thanks. I'll look up BB link.
    02-22-13 11:12 AM

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