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    Bare with me Im trying to think outside of the box. None of the buttons on my 9650 are working. I just charged it last night and this morning alarm went off I couldnt dismiss it because the buttons wouldnt work, I received a call and I couldnt answer it, trackpad all buttons just dead. Phone wasnt wet. I've done 15 or so battery pulls, im gonna leave it off all night to see if it makes a difference. My phone has a lock code as does my PB. Since I cant use my keyboard on my phone to unlock I cant back it up, via BB Protect, the website tells me to check the settings on the app and I have used it in July.

    Is it possible to bluetooth a different keyboard to my phone? Or through the PB backup my phone? I think I can manage all my emails through bridge (just forward them elsewhere until phone is fixed) but I want to back up my texts and call logs, memopad etc.

    Its not uber important, however for the approx 2 weeks I have been jotting information in memo pad because I'm faciliating a group on Dialetical Behavior Therapy. If I have the notes (which I can get through bridge and just type out) it will make it a lot easier. I think I have to get a new BB anyway, (going to the Verizon store sucks) but I would like the data.

    Once again im thinking outside of the box. I know if touchscreen died on my PB I could use remote control to access..is there any type of reverse? I dont think BB has put out any other bridge type apps..so from what I do know I dont think there is anyway to backup my BB through my PB. And desktop manager will make me put my password in there, but my phone usually makes me enter the password to verify (which I cant do without a keyboard).

    I feel stupid because its like I have to break into my own phone to hijack my own data..and idk....Does anyone know if Verizon is able to transport all data without being able to use buttons on my phone?
    09-29-12 01:33 AM
  2. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    I don't believe so, but why not just connect your phone to a computer and backup using Desktop Manager?
    09-29-12 02:10 AM
  3. emac402's Avatar
    I don't believe so, but why not just connect your phone to a computer and backup using Desktop Manager?
    actually i was able to im back to using the storm. idk if i can bridge to the pb though
    09-29-12 04:29 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    OS 5 and above can bridge.
    09-29-12 07:04 AM