01-12-15 02:53 PM
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    I just performed a security wipe on my 64G PB. Then I only reinstalled the handful of apps I am really using. I can't believe how much better the tablet is now working. For example, the native browser has become far more responsive.

    Do your PB a favor: a fresh start after a security wipe.

    Thanks i shall give that a go! Did you back up and reload any files? Or was it just a fresh reload and install apps manually?
    I have lots of files i want to keep on it you see.

    My browser is a bit laggy too

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    01-12-15 02:53 PM
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    The best website known, is called: goodEreader

    Be aware that some apps, might not work, this may be due to some dependencies, like: the age of the app created and so forth.

    Good Luck

    Thanks! Shall give it a go!!

    Would be awesome if you could load blend on it!

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    01-12-15 02:53 PM
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