1. Lead_Express's Avatar
    Aviva has armed 120 of its property risk reps with the much-maligned RIM tablet and a custom-built electronic form app that it hopes will boost their productivity by threefold

    Not huge news, but good press is good press. Maybe this sort of thing will catch on for Playbook.
    01-19-12 07:15 PM
  2. rotorwrench's Avatar
    The PBs we use have already given our company returns on the investment through time saving and increased productivity. In our case, size and security were the main factors of why we chose to issue them.
    01-20-12 01:21 AM
  3. scott.slater's Avatar
    Why hasn't this article been given some more love by fellow CrackBerry users and abusers? This needs more publicity.

    This seems like a great thing for the new CEO to build upon.

    If I were this man (the new CEO), I would do a search throughout the internet to see what positive news, reviews, etc. is being published for your devices and use it. Show US consumers that BlackBerry devices can be just as hip and cool as any other device (if not more so). Show that BlackBerry devices are just as capable as anything else out there. Explain why BBOS actually doesn't need a dual core processor.

    (Quick question, could RIM release some software to give the Bold 99XX auto focus?)
    01-26-12 12:15 AM