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    Hey.. I'm just curious... How much memory (RAM) do you guys have available when you have no applications opened?... I get around 515-519MB. 515MB when Wifi is off and 519MB when it's on. You can go to settings, then about, and select hardware and it will tell you. Also, does anybody know what factors affect how much RAM is used besides having apps opened? I want to know how to maximize my memory. Thanks!
    07-11-12 01:29 AM
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    I had 313 available. Closed video, about 420, closed music playlist, 480, and closed battery guru and now have 519.2. Wifi/bt both on.

    edited to add: did a couple of other things. Closed them down. Then wanted Battery Guru back. Checked memory: 523! So, I would guess the pb does periodic housekeeping and recovering memory.
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    07-11-12 08:51 AM