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    Hi Everyone,

    I still use my Playbook for reading PDF articles and taking notes in mind-map software. So far, comapping Beta mindmapping is the best tool I've found for the Playbook. I've written about this cool app before. It's not well-designed to work on a touchscreen, but its offers powerful and intuitive mindmapping capabilities that are much better than the other lame-duck mindmap tools out there. For me, its crucial feature is the ability to export in .mm format which is compatible with FreePlane or Freemind on a desktop PC.

    Recently on my Blackberry Z30 phone, I found FreeMind Viewer on SNAP and installed it. Its easy to use, well-featured, and most importantly is compatible with FreePlane and FreeMind.

    My questions to the forum:
    1. Does anyone have Comapping Beta in BAR format? I'd like to collect together all my favorite BAR files in case I need to reinstall everything on my Playbook. How can I obtain BAR files?

    2. Has anyone tried to install the Android app FreeMind Viewer on their Playbook? I'm having trouble.
    Did it work for you? If so, what process did you use?

    Thanks very much for any advice you can provide!
    04-05-16 01:26 PM

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