10-17-14 08:39 PM
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  1. BoloMKXXVIII's Avatar
    I am wondering if this would solve your problem: Amazon.com: FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier: Electronics

    I stream music from my Playbook to my home stereos. One does not need any bass boost while the other does. I just connected the bluetooth receiver through a 10 band equalizer into the stereo and adjusted to taste. Not real helpful in a more portable situation but maybe the Fiio would help.
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    05-11-12 05:40 AM
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    Im suprised nobody made a app for one to work with the music player or a 3rd party music player like on android with a equalizer and reverb setting in it.
    05-11-12 07:44 AM
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    Doesn't matter if I don't "need" one... I'd like the option. My ATH-M50's are bass heavy, and they sound simply amazing with no EQ adjustment needed. But my Bose Triports could use an EQ. I use the M50's at home and the Bose on the go, so I'm wearing the Bose quite a bit.
    That should be the answer for any of those "YOU don't need xyz...." People like OPTIONS. While someone does not want or need something, someone else just might find it indispensable. I really don't see the harm in providing add-ons, i.e. options.
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    05-11-12 09:56 AM
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    Subscribing to and bumping the thread.

    Please inform us if a player with eq ever does come out.
    07-17-12 02:53 PM
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    Strangely enough, many "audiophile" amplifiers only play flat. They do not even have a bass or treble adjustment.
    07-17-12 05:43 PM
  6. angkorbeer's Avatar
    Strangely enough, many "audiophile" amplifiers only play flat. They do not even have a bass or treble adjustment.
    The balance is actually pretty good with the pb as is. In my particular case, being a bass player, I like to boost the bass sometimes when it is muddy in the mix. Especially when it's a track I want to learn.
    Also, when you play mp3s over the side speakers, the bass is very difficult to hear. Without expecting miracles, I'd definitely give it a boost there.
    07-17-12 06:10 PM
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    I also would like to see an equalizer. I just got a logitech h800 bluetooth headset and would love to tweak the sound some
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    07-17-12 11:14 PM
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    08-21-12 01:44 PM
  9. bishshoy's Avatar
    Pacemaker is the app to go. It has both Analog and Digital equalizers, which I think is great.
    08-22-12 04:45 AM
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    1. You're taking it as a given that the artist intended for the listener to have there equalizer set flat. I don't have any hard data but I'm going to assume that at least some artists record with the listeners eq settings taken into account. Genre hop through your collection from some metal to something ambient (mastodon - capillarian crest --> radiohead - 15 step). The ambient stuff sounds thinner than the speakers can be blamed for. Then toss on some Rap or House or both at once like DJ Shadow. It definitely wants you to have a tailored sub with a built in 4 band eq or somesuch loosening your bowels. Incidentally this is a point in your favor. Finish with the romantic period, Ligeti - The Devils Staircase being a personal fave. Get multiple performances/ers. Sometimes the intended listening equipment isn't up to snuff, but a few eq tweaks can often help produce a more accurate interpretation of a piece. When they master a track are they assuming the listener to use some 2k$ pair of custom molded IEMs (for some reason I bet you have a pair or a 5.1 surround sound setup. Have they taken your speaker composition power and placement into consideration? Your homes natural acoustics (which can dampen and emphasize different frequencies)?

    There are a good many factors which may affect the accuracy of playback in regards to the artists preferences, and therefore the desire to have an adjustable eq is justifiable. Yes, you're right there are better ways, but they are either more time consuming or more expensive. Both require a greater degree of learning. Setting a stylesheet if you will is not that straight forward. You would at least need several to cover different genres. Personally I would need to go through album by album, and I'd have to do it individually for each device I must use to play the file...unless they have an eq of course. It's a nice tool that quickly let's you achieve the emphasis you want with very little data loss/lag and is an extremely simple program. That doesn't mean it would be easy to implement. I'm not familiar with the playbook's OS in the slightest, I never rooted it.

    2. There is more but I'm tired.
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    Many audiophiles are pretentious idiots and posers.
    05-11-13 12:59 AM
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    What he said
    Neutron player probably the best player you'll find for the playbook with an eq. Takes a bit of playing with to get used to the interface but once you do, you won't use anything else

    05-12-13 08:41 AM
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    Neutron Music Player is the way to go and was free for Z10 if you paid for it on Playbook If I remember correctly.
    05-12-13 07:10 PM
  14. chaosdivine's Avatar
    Twas just about to post this exact same thing. The options are MANY in Neutron. The UI isn't that great unfortunately in my opinion but the quality of the sound PlayBack is worth the $4.99 price and then some. It also has a very, very good 3D spatial sound capability. Most are gimmicks but this one is not once you actually figure out how to control things and find out how to edit the settings.

    Here's their actual website with all the listing goodies...

    Neutron Music Player
    05-12-13 07:41 PM
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    Is there a way to edit the equalizer, for the music app? I like a fair bit of dubstep, but the Playbook just seems to lower the bass down lower than the highs and mids.
    Try the Neutron Music Player.
    Its available in the apps store for $4.99.
    Web page-http://neutronmp.com
    03-16-14 08:25 PM
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    neutron player is the best music player for the playbook
    or sideload nexus7player
    Attached Thumbnails Audio equalizer?-uploadfromtaptalk1395036257085.jpg  
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    03-17-14 01:04 AM
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    Does the latest version of the neutron player work on playbook? It's pretty expensive so I don't want to buy only to find out it doesn't work. Latest review in bb world says it doesn't load.

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    07-14-14 08:41 PM
  18. Boight's Avatar
    It's true it doesn't work right away (at least in my experience) however restarting the playbook got it working, but it hung up.
    So I tried closing and opening it again and it appears Neutron is now working just fine on the PB, and my Z10.
    07-15-14 08:19 AM
  19. balama's Avatar
    neutron works fine on both my playbook and Q10

    i use it to play the same HD tracks i have loaded on my FIIO5
    personally i don't like tweaking HD music rather get a better set of cans/speakers and listen flat how it was recorded by the artist
    07-15-14 08:31 AM
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    Audiophiles are willing to drop a bundle on HD music. Take a look at the new Sony HD music player. Amazon.com : Sony Walkman NW-ZX1 128GB MP3 Player Hi-Res : MP3 Players & Accessories
    Look at the cost of that sucker! I bet that Blackberries could be tweaked its phones to match that. Just add the neutron app and your good to go. Blackberry should also be selling individual HD tracks in their store and make a nice profit. Then sell some really good earbud to go with that HD music. Why next thing you know they’ll actually be making money.
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    10-17-14 08:39 PM
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