1. jmzed's Avatar
    Firstly, hello, I'm a long time lurker and last week bought a PB 64gb and am loving it.
    I de-googled myself on my MAC a long time ago and wanted to do the same with my phone/tablet ...and am now a free man!!!

    I do need an audio editor though. I did have tapemachine on my android phone and also AndroVidPro which allowed me to edit field recordings .........can anyone recommend anything for my PB?

    many thnaks

    *** hurrumph, can't edit the smelling pistake in the title!
    10-28-12 06:56 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar

    I'll bump this for you since it might be interesting. Although, questions about apps might be better asked in the Apps subforum but this one gets more exposure.
    10-28-12 09:16 PM
  3. bdegrande's Avatar
    As far as I know, there isn't one. I have been looking for one myself, to edit podcasts. I have seen some audio file trimming apps, like MP3 Cutter, but not an actual editor.
    10-28-12 10:27 PM
  4. mmveets's Avatar
    Any luck finding one? Or a sideloadable Android app?
    11-01-12 04:23 PM
  5. mmveets's Avatar
    Anyone want to try to sideload Ringdroid?
    Boight likes this.
    11-01-12 04:28 PM
  6. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Something akin to Audacity would be nice.
    11-01-12 04:52 PM
  7. glamrlama's Avatar
    +1 on anything near Audacity in capability. What I really want is to be able to capture and edit PB audio.
    11-01-12 05:46 PM
  8. jmzed's Avatar
    No luck yet, still using TapeMachine on my droid Sony Eric :-(
    12-22-12 08:18 PM
  9. Boight's Avatar
    Anyone want to try to sideload Ringdroid?
    All righty, just sideloaded this and it works.
    Edited an .mp3 and PB's native recording(.m4a). Saves in the misc/android/media/audio/music folder and loads from there as well as PB's music library.
    That's as far as I've gotten.

    Thanks for posting the .bar mmveets!
    12-23-12 09:40 AM

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