1. kwelamnp's Avatar
    Where does the Playbook store audiobook files?

    I have Overdrive on my laptop and on the Playbook. I occasionally download library audiobooks using the laptop but would like to access those on the Playbook. Perhaps if I put the downloaded files in Dropbox, I could access them and save to the appropriate folder on the Playbook?

    One problem, is that they are sometimes in wma format, but I could convert them to mp3 first, I guess?

    Or perhaps there is another way?
    06-08-13 10:04 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    They may be "buried" within the Misc/Android/...... folders

    \\\media\misc\android\OverDrive (that's my ip address)
    06-08-13 11:32 AM
  3. kwelamnp's Avatar
    I tried to listen to a library audiobook using a different reader. In this case, Storyteller from Bumblebee. It is supposed to be able to play wma files (most library audiobooks seem to be wma). But the book I tried would not play (yet worked on my laptop). Why would that be?

    I downloaded a trial version of a wma to mp3 converter from Aimersoft. The mp3 files did then play on Soryteller, but being a trial conversion, each side was truncated to just 1 minute.

    If I wanted to pay $30 for the converter, this would be a somewhat cumbersome option (the conversion is very slow)

    Apparently Ipad/pod owners have same problem in that they too cannot listen to wma format.. You would think there would be a simple solution for ipad and PB.
    06-10-13 09:10 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know if Kalemsoft plays wma format. You can ask them by looking for the app and writing support or going to the app subforum, here, and finding their thread and asking there. Or someone else might know.
    06-10-13 09:46 PM
  5. pacoman03's Avatar
    If you have itunes on your computer (PC), you can drag wma files into it and itunes will automatically convert it to mp3. You may have to go into settings and set the import option to mp3- otherwise it may convert to another format (m4a ?). You should also note that the PB will play wma files natively.
    06-10-13 10:29 PM
  6. kwelamnp's Avatar
    Thanks for the input.

    To recap, the wma files are parts of an audiobook downloaded from our library.

    iTunes would not convert the files and an error message appeared saying they were in protected wma format. This is probably also why the audiobook app Storyteller would not play the audiobook.

    Yet, I can play the individual audiobook wma files on Windows Media Player on laptop with no problem. And of course Overdrive plays the audiobook on laptop.

    On Playbook, Overdrive will only accept MP3 files. In order to convert it seems we would first have to strip the DRM protection, then convert to MP3. Not really a workable or legal option.

    Presumably iPad owners would face same problem with library audiobooks.

    So back to square one. Still don't have a way of listening to wma library audiobooks on the Playbook.
    06-11-13 08:28 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    You may have tried this: Have you tried downloading the "books" directly to the PB using Overdrive? I don't know if just moving the files manually will work while maybe using Overdrive on the PB will work? I know that Amazon's kindle books get encrypted for each separate type of device. In other words, I cannot move the copy I download on my pc's kindle app to my kindle or to my pb. (I can download to the pc and tell Amazon I am moving it to the kindle and then it encrypts differently).
    06-11-13 09:05 AM
  8. Angus_CB's Avatar
    I use the Play-a-Book app on my Torch for audio books.
    The Playbook version is here.
    It still requires the files to be in MP3 format though.

    You can get good free audio converters here (MediaHuman) or here (Helium).
    06-11-13 09:39 AM
  9. kwelamnp's Avatar
    The Storyteller app I bought seems an acceptable audiobook player and can play both MP3 and wma files, So for now, I don't need another player. Just one that will play the library audiobooks that it seems are DRM protected wma.

    The file converters unfortunately will not convert drm protected wma files.
    06-11-13 09:55 AM
  10. kwelamnp's Avatar
    Have you tried downloading the "books" directly to the PB using Overdrive?
    Overdrive on PB apparently will only play MP3 files. But I haven't tried using it to just download a wma file and then play thatwith Storyteller.

    I have not tried connecting PB via USB (have been using Dropbox). Maybe if it is connected, it will look like just another drive on laptop and the license will transfer?

    This does seem to be a deficiency in Overdrive and in PB itself in that it can't play library audiobooks in a simple way.
    06-11-13 10:03 AM
  11. kwelamnp's Avatar
    I did some further checking and Overdrive on PB will only play MP3 audiobooks.

    Given that most library audiobooks are in wma with drm format, that means that Overdrive on PB is kind of useless.

    There are several drm wma to Mp3 converters out there. They may say they are free, but they are not. Most cost about$30.00. And not all seem to work. But those that do are very slow. (i have tried 4) It will take longer than the length of the audio file to convert - this can be in the region of 16 hours for some books. And besides that, it is likely illegal, at least in Canada.
    06-11-13 11:39 AM
  12. pacoman03's Avatar

    Given that most library audiobooks are in wma with drm format, that means that Overdrive on PB is kind of useless.

    That's a bit of an overstatement, considering that the majority of audio-books available at my library are also available in mp3 format, not to mention all of the ebooks available through Overdrive.
    06-11-13 12:27 PM
  13. kwelamnp's Avatar
    That's a bit of an overstatement, considering that the majority of audio-books available at my library are also available in mp3 format, not to mention all of the ebooks available through Overdrive.
    DRM only works with wma, so publishers favour it over MP3. It is true that there are many MP3 titles, but many of them are public domain books that can be downloaded free without going to the library.

    iTunes have audiobooks in MP3 format, but they want big $$ for them. $29 for the one I am currently reading on myy laptop because it is in DRM/wma format.

    MP3 vs WMA Files for Audiobooks

    What is the difference between MP3 and WMA files? Is one preferable over the other? Here are some guidelines:

    1. WMA is the older audio format, produced by Microsoft, to work with Microsoft's Windows media player. The WMA compression format creates relatively small audio files and require less processing power to execute. WMA includes security measures (DRM, or "digital rights management") that allow the publisher to restrict what you do with the file and has, until recently, been preferred by publishers. For smaller files and faster downloading use WMA files. You must have a PC to use these but most can now be played on iPods.

    2. MP3 is a format that provides CD quality sound but is usually larger in size than the WMA file. Publishers are less likely to approve this format because there is no security available for these files. There are fewer MP3 files available in the collection. For possibly better sound quality, or if you are downloading to a MAC, use MP3 files.
    06-11-13 12:58 PM
  14. Angus_CB's Avatar
    Sorry, I forgot about DRM. The audio industry has pretty well given up on that travesty.

    WMA (with DRM) converters are very slow because they are essentially playing the file and recording it at the same time.
    06-11-13 04:16 PM

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