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    i am unable to set up my att.net email on my playbook. Was working fine and i changed a password on my (myatt) account and then I got error on playbook stating account was not set up correctly. Having several emails and accounts on my playbook, I figured I would just delete previous account and re-set it up. Now, it will not set up at all and I continue to get an error message stating that "Your login information has changed or is incorrect. Update login information and try again." ATT has been no help and Blackberry was even less help when I called. Does anyone have any answers on how to get this att.net email address set up? Could it also be that ATT uses yahoo as their mail buddy? BTW the email works on my Blackberry phone and my laptop, so I know it is not a password issue.

    10-05-12 11:28 AM
  2. MastBerry's Avatar
    Exact same problem here only it will not let me set it up on my phone either. Was working fine until my wife changed the password. BlackBerry was no help at all and at&t said to just use webmail. I have the same problem on my laptop with outlook too so I doubt it is a blackberry problem as much as it is an at&t or yahoo problem.
    11-22-12 11:27 PM

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