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    Has anyone watched the new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix? Maeby uses a PlayBook Posted via CB10
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    06-06-13 03:44 AM
  2. vespajet's Avatar
    06-06-13 05:39 PM
  3. Danny Ocean's Avatar
    Somewhat ironic since the new season is a Netflix exclusive and they have pointedly excluded the Playbook from being able to directly access their content. A little off topic, but I ended my Netflix subscription after a one way correspondence with Reed Hastings on the subject, but I will def be using the free month trial to watch the new season of AD
    06-06-13 10:59 PM
  4. Snooze_Ann's Avatar
    Just saw the episode last night and got excited... then I realized Maeby, as a character, never makes a good decision. The director and her probably had the conversation:

    "So would Maeby have an iPad, android tablet?... no, give her that one blackberry tablet that did horribly. I bet she'd get suckered into buying one of those."
    07-08-13 06:05 PM

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