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    Developers need to really complain about the incompetency of the way App World works now.

    There have been countless examples of developers temporarily changing the prices of their Apps for X days only for the pricing to be changed on the main app screen but suddenly charging the original amount on the payment screen no doubt catching out customers in the process.

    How can a team of developers put their app on sale if they don't even know when it will ACTUALLY be charged at the sale price?

    It is like going in to a shop to buy a pair of shoes with a price tag of 50. You go to the pay out desk with your credit card out and the cashier tells you; 'oh that'll be 100 please'. Is that acceptable? Of course not.

    Let us take 'ProInsights' as an example.
    They decided to slash their app price by 50% for 2 days only from 10.00 to 5.00.
    A day has nearly passed and the app is still being charged at 10.00 on the payment screen... how is this fair on developers?

    If RIM want a healthy ecosystem of apps and dev teams, they need to fix up these SMALL and EASY TO FIX problems.
    All these little issues adds up to something major and makes the whole thing slightly frustrating to all.
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    01-07-12 05:58 PM
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    agreed. Digital River handles the storefront for RIM, clearly the lines of communication need to be more open between the two, and perhaps developer needs a direct line to DRI as well.
    01-07-12 06:47 PM
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    I complained about this delay in the AppWorld beta discussions. Didn't get any replies...but I tried
    01-07-12 07:53 PM
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    They've promised architectural changes to deal with such things, but I think that may have been largely talk to pacify people but without an actual plan or resources assigned.

    If nothing else, it's quite certain they are well aware of the issues, but whether we'll see anything done about it in a timeframe that would suit even the most patient people is another story.
    01-07-12 08:12 PM