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    So,.I've been doing some research regarding other tablets out on the market that aren't the iPad or Nexus or Kindle Fire HD. I found a COBY KYROS 9.7" Tablet running Android without the Market Place. Instead it comes with GetJar which offers many of the same apps that a normal consumer would expect to see in an app store for Free!

    Skype, Check!
    Netflix, Check!
    Panorama, Check!
    Angry Birds, Check & Free!
    Chase Banking, Check!

    The list goes on and on. How is it that RIM can't offer us the same as a $149 tablet?


    Has anyone used the COBY? Am I nuts? I'm not sure what to expect from a company like RIM, but Once again I say that my Awesome PlayBook is nothing more than a Social Media Center and a nice contact management tool. Games- overpriced. Apps? Nonexistent! Frustration level - through the roof.

    Anyone interested in purchasing my PlayBook, send me a message...
    09-21-12 02:23 PM
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    If you've already made the app for Android, it's just a matter of re-uploading it to have it available on GetJar.
    09-21-12 02:27 PM
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    The Coby is similar to the Arnova setup - the reason they have the mobile getjar is that the tablet itself is not recognised or authorised by Google - hence they're not permitted to have the Playstore on there. The frustration for Coby users (see Freaktab.com) is that in order to even get this you don't only have to root it, you have to install a custom rom.

    Arnova's have the same problem off the shelf. Instead of playstore it comes with Appslib - with similar connotations. You'll find there a) isn't the range; b) updates aren't always that great; c) there are sometimes issues with wifi/data signals with the way getjar works.

    I understand the frustrations and don't disagree with you; however the Coby - whilst it is a good budget tablet is a very cheap feeling build. There are some cracking customs done by Finless Bob over on freaktab & you see these now up for around 90 for an 8gb version - making it really accessible.

    But the screen is dreadful; very plastickly build; can be unresponsive, etc.

    Its a fair point, particularly as there are alternative app engines. All we really have is goodereader & all they are is converted android apps which you then have to transfer back and sideload.

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    09-21-12 02:34 PM