12-14-13 04:26 PM
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    Why Am I Getting Spam from Myself? -- AOL Mail Blog

    Days After Major Aol Layoffs, AIM Is Experiencing Suspicious Login Issues | TechCrunch

    @OP its not really fanboyism to scoff at the idea that your playbook got hacked for a AOL account. It's a blackberry! And if someone was truly able to hack it, their skills would be better focused on other things (bigger fish) .

    AOL just fired a bunch of employees and then all kinds of crazy things have been happening to accounts.
    I'm quite certain that a pc format and a password change is all you need.
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    03-28-12 10:36 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    So this if this is an OS problem, it's a HUGE problem and one that will make me never trust BB again.
    "You're an !" says Gregory House, M.D., "Deal with it."
    03-28-12 10:42 PM
  3. apengue1's Avatar
    "You're an !" says Gregory House, M.D., "Deal with it."
    Gosh, I love Dr. House!
    03-28-12 10:57 PM
  4. narci's Avatar
    Like other have said, this isn't a playbook issuen it's malware from your friends side.

    Problem with this is if your friends computers have been compromised and your email address is spoofed, your never going to get rid of the spam unless the spammer/spambot decides to stop.

    But there are so many spammers/spambots, your email address will be perpetually spoofed.

    Try setting up a brand new dummy aol account and only use it once to send a teat email to your friends and see what happens.
    03-28-12 11:38 PM
  5. Zildjian71's Avatar
    Most email address spoofing comes from email forwards, the kind that everyone passes on because of some emotional, sentimental, religious, political trigger. You know the ones, the ones you can't resist to forward. These are sent out by someone with one of those get rich work at home on your own computer jobs. When they got "hired" they agreed to download and install "special" software for the job. Now their computer is an email address harvester sending addresses from those fun forwarded messages to the system that sends out the bogus email with spoofed addresses. They get paid by the quantity of emails they send out as email chains. They get bonuses for creating original ones that are new and effective...moral of the story, check your email habits and remove all of those other addresses if you just have to pass the next one on.
    03-29-12 02:27 AM
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    if your aol email is sending out random emails to your contacts then you need to change your password. That has happened to me more than once and when I change my password then it stops. Someone or something has gotten your aol password. It has nothing to do with your playbook. Mine does the same thing at times asking to reenter password
    03-29-12 10:17 AM
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    i have the same thing happen with more than aol on the Playbook as far as it asking for passwords over again. Just change your password for any account that has been sending random emails. Probably aol may be the only one thats sending out meals. AOL seems to be the only one that I have noticed sending out emails
    03-29-12 10:21 AM
  8. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Yeah, I had that happen to me on Yahoo! & it had nothing to do with the Playbook. Somebody hacked your email account. Change your password, problem solved.
    03-29-12 11:42 AM
  9. apengue1's Avatar
    BlackBerry is very secure! Their middle name is security. If instances like this keep occurring, or if the OS recognizes faulty user habits, DONT WORRY; Self-destruction is imminent. It will implode on itself. It utilizes a S.M.A.R.T. OS.

    Just kidding...
    03-29-12 12:00 PM
  10. manofice1's Avatar
    this has nothing to do with your playbook, I can't believe people still use aol email?
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    03-29-12 12:34 PM
  11. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    this has nothing to do with your playbook, I can't believe people still use aol email?
    ROTFLMAO!!! I know right?
    03-29-12 02:52 PM
  12. PanaSama's Avatar
    Happens on my GMail account all the time, it's a OS bug..
    Odd i have the same problem but with my Yahoo account, Gmail on the other hand works great.
    03-29-12 03:01 PM
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    Specious Reasoning:

    I have a headache. Today was the first time I drove past the new church. The new church must be the cause of my headache, because nothing else I have done today has given me a headache before.

    I understand not wanting to get "fan boi" responses, but FFS you are on a site named "Crackberry".

    I will say with 100% certainty that it was not your PB's fault that your email was disturbed/hacked/spoofed. It could have been a host of things, but the email client on the PB thus far cannot be compromised in that way (security is one of the many reasons it took so long to arrive in the first place).

    What LIKELY happened was that someone either got your email address off a list, guessed the password, or used social engineering to gain access through "Account Security Questions". No way to be sure, but those are the likely reasons.

    The church didn't cause my headache. It didn't hack your email either (while we're ruling things out)

    I hope it works out for you, but please refrain from jumpng to such conclusions... If nothing else, perhaps next time a better approach would be to ASK whether or not it could have caused the problem first, rather than incorrectly proclaiming it did and "losing all faith" in RIM.

    Specious reasoning can be a POWERFUL thing... and it can start a MYTH very quickly...

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    03-29-12 03:01 PM
  14. vespajet's Avatar
    ROTFLMAO!!! I know right?
    I still have a Yahoo! email address, which is what I use to sign up for stuff that I know will result in a lot of spam. It's more or less my throwaway email account, and many people use AOL and Hotmail (and other free email providers not called GMail) for similar purposes.

    I'm a moderator on a site and we have noticed in the last 6 months to a year or so a major increase in spam from not only AOL addresses, but also Yahoo! and Hotmail addresses of members of the site. It was obvious their accounts were compromised, as the sender list for these spam emails included the email addresses for not only other members of the site, but also individual email addresses for various crew members of the site (email addresses not so easy to harvest unless you gain access to someone's address book). Those three email providers seem to be the most commonly hacked accounts, and to pin the blame on the PlayBook is a bit of a stretch since the breach that allowed someone to hack into an AOL account could have been anywhere.
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    03-29-12 03:08 PM
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    Could the mods please change the thread topic?

    Every now and then I get gmail tellng me my account has been accessed on Canada, USA and England.

    Happens that there are either blackberry devices or BIS servers in those locations hat have legitimate access to my account. So, OP, no, it's highly unlikely whatever is going on is due to the PB. Any strange access are just the PB's OS accessing your data to, well... deliver your data to you.

    But cover all bases, you already have CB's view onthe issue, now head to the AOL forums and see what you can dig up there.
    03-29-12 03:42 PM
  16. Dugganm's Avatar
    Just as another wee question to add to this thread...

    The email accounts that have been "hacked", do you and your husband use them on facebook? ie are these the email addresses that you registered on Facebook with?

    If so, have you clicked on any links on facebook recently offering free stuff?

    I have seen an increase in Spam emails from people I know because they are clicking on links on Facebook, giving some rogue app permission to access their details, etc and then "possibly" although more "probably" sending emails to their contacts email addresses.

    And these are from people who dont own a Blackberry product.
    04-02-12 09:31 AM
  17. bb.pl's Avatar
    This is so frustrating!!!

    I've had my AOL account since 1999. It has never been hacked. Even get pushed emails to my ipod touch for at least a year. No problem.

    But now that I added my AOL account to my Playbook, I keep getting an authentication notice to submit my password (ON MY BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK) whenever I want to check my email because it "Cannot connect to server" in my messages app. I entered my password and was able to check my email. Only issue is, when I go on my computer, I see my email's been hacked (probably because I just gave the offender my password). I keep getting texts from friends about random emails I never sent.

    Why am I getting this notification on my Playbook to enter my password?

    I also have my husband's work email on my Playbook and recently noticed this notification popped up for HIS password too. What the heck is up???
    First of all you have an aol email... I mean you have still have AOL ?
    04-02-12 11:52 AM
  18. Melimo's Avatar
    Interesting but the problem resolved as soon as I removed those email accounts from my playbook and changed the password. I monitored this for two weeks, put them back on my playbook, and the problem started again. I'm leaving them off the tablet for good and am quite disappointed with blackberry over this. On top of that, I get continuous requests to enter my password. Can't they get this bug fixed already? *sigh* but that's another thread...
    Otherwise I think this tablet is great. I just hate interruptions like the above while I'm working on it.
    04-18-12 12:47 PM
  19. kbz1960's Avatar
    Still has nothing to do with your pb unless you're letting someone else use it.
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    04-18-12 12:57 PM
  20. miroozy's Avatar
    i am not surprised ...same happened to me ..with the hotmail account ...
    after signing in with the native e-mail app...
    i got a warning msg that someone is tryin to steal my account ..and it was disabled for my protection..

    but i think the problem was because the stupid pb was tryin to login and login again and again ...or maybe there's somethin wrong with the app..any way ..since i deleted my email account from the app my mail was safe and nothin happened since
    04-18-12 01:04 PM
  21. kbz1960's Avatar
    My live mail account is fine. However to get it working I had to sign in the browser, send a mail and confirm a captcha so it could determine that I am not spam.
    04-18-12 01:07 PM
  22. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    04-18-12 01:10 PM
  23. Yankee495's Avatar
    Mine does this when my desktop is on and checking the mail.

    The error I get on the desktop is "account is in use from another device".

    I don't use AOL. Buy my yahoo was hacked a long time ago. People telling me they were getting emails. They were in the yahoo sent folder so it was hacked.

    It happens too all mail services. I don't know how they got my password because it was not "yankee495" like some dumb people do.

    It was a few numbers of my bday, my ss#, mixed up initials and a couple other letters & numbers easy for me to remember.

    something like 60861wez41wq

    That is totally made up, but it was mixed up real good. I think there is a leak in the yahoo company because there was a rash of it all at one time.

    Or someone hacked a yahoo server and yahoo never told anyone. In one month almost all my friends had it happen to them.
    04-18-12 01:31 PM
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    PEBKAC. That's all I'm gonna say
    04-18-12 02:16 PM
  25. pcguy514's Avatar
    PEBKAC. That's all I'm gonna say
    Most definitely...
    04-18-12 05:53 PM
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