09-12-14 11:20 PM
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  1. cdnynot's Avatar
    Still use my PlayBook daily... My go to tablet is now the Nexus 7 only cause it has a faster processor.
    I carry a tablet around with me all the time.
    For Christmas a couple years back, I bought my Dad a PlayBook. As I was setting it up, I fell for the tablet and needed to buy one for me. Love this device and so does my Dad.
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    09-10-14 01:27 AM
  2. AllanQuatermain's Avatar
    I use my playbook as a audio/video player and e mail/browse the web if wi fi available,
    battery lasts approx 5 hours after three years hard use and may last a bit longer?
    Sadly as no new playbook 2 or 10" version will ever come I have a surface 2 tablet
    A second best option which Blackberry could have bettered, but such is life,
    The playbook was the all gesture tablet ( power/volume buttons virtually never needed)
    Not perfect but reliable and has given good service, i have enjoyed owning and using
    a Playbook, am I still hoping? No it was one of a kind.
    09-10-14 07:52 AM
  3. dazzleaj's Avatar
    Just got a Z30, still use the playbook. Wouldn't pay the price of a new one when/if they came out. Got this for $150, got one for the wife for $140. Good deal at those prices. Soon the tablet computer will be able to replace the laptop (got them now but not quite powerful enough yet). I'll drop $600 on one of them but I think the PlayBook will still be useful even then. Even Windows XP will die someday, maybe....
    09-12-14 11:20 PM
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