12-15-18 12:20 AM
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  1. 2gunnar's Avatar
    Mine is sitting in the cradle, running the weather app.
    Swipe up when I want the forecast. Restart the app as soon as it does not update the day anymore.
    But that's about it...

    Posted via CB10
    05-24-16 12:26 PM
  2. maclancer's Avatar
    My mother still using the playbook sometimes. But she use more a 10 inch Lenovo tablet.
    05-31-16 04:27 PM
  3. ED1993le's Avatar
    I am, still love that darn device...

    Posted via CB10
    06-05-16 08:00 PM
  4. ots1960's Avatar
    Use mine for watching Lynda.com videos via the Orgami browser, the sound and viewing is so much better than my android tablet. I also use it when on jobs that require testing HDMI connections.

    Posted Via my Great Z30
    06-06-16 08:59 PM
  5. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    Using it tonight (one of my three). Teach a class for the Court. Can't live without HDMI out & Bridge. I got my husband an android tab. He used it about a month and went back to his PB. Just uses the other tab for a couple apps he needs.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    06-07-16 02:51 PM
  6. kbz1960's Avatar
    Nope, haven't used it in years.....I think it's in my closet. Going to look for it later tonight and fire it up.
    Don't be surprised if it won't. Mine went to recycle.
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    06-07-16 04:01 PM
  7. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    It would be nice if BlackBerry ported BlackBerry Android to breathe new life into the BlackBerry PlayBook.
    06-12-16 01:06 AM
  8. to boldly go's Avatar
    I went back to mine today for the only thing I have that can handle the CrackBerry forums: My Origami Browser!
    06-12-16 04:44 AM
  9. CivilDissident's Avatar
    I still use my PlayBook, most especially I download movies to it and use it via HDMI when no Internet is available and when there is an older model TV involved... Camping for example is where it most comes in handy and at work where they rely on hardwire connections... Just downloaded a bunch of videos on it now for Monday... My unit has a week without programs and that is a lot of free time, received a list of movies and TV shows the consumers were most interested in viewing and loaded them up, ready to play. Makes it convenient that I am able to connect my PlayBook to the ward's TV and then lock the protective plexiglass and still remotely access the PlayBook via Bridge... Perfect scenario...

    Every now and then it gets slow and laggy, but a factory reset and OS reload gets her purring again...

    Posted via CB10
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    06-12-16 10:21 AM
  10. anon(9697770)'s Avatar
    Since yesterday I has also an playbook 32.
    And I'm not sure how to think about it. :-)

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-16 11:08 AM
  11. spacemanZ10's Avatar
    Still use mine most days, only for Internet browsing though.

    Swiped on my Passport!
    06-20-16 12:55 PM
  12. MaxxxBerry23's Avatar
    My 64GB PlayBook is regularly getting synced and holds my whole music library. Mounted to the backseat of my car for watching movies on breaks and streaming music via bluetooth. My only gripe is the battery life getting weaker and weaker.
    06-21-16 03:52 AM
  13. CivilDissident's Avatar
    My 64GB PlayBook is regularly getting synced and holds my whole music library. Mounted to the backseat of my car for watching movies on breaks and streaming music via bluetooth. My only gripe is the battery life getting weaker and weaker.
    A PIA, but a factory reset fixes this... I had the same issue RE: a fast draining battery... Factory reset gave it a 'revival' of sorts on 2 occasions thus far... I still use my PlayBook regularly as well, also for movies and media...

    Posted via CB10
    07-02-16 08:15 AM
  14. MaxxxBerry23's Avatar
    A PIA, but a factory reset fixes this...
    Thanks for the heads up! I'll give it a try although I'm kinda bummed about the hours of copying back data onto the device
    07-04-16 02:43 AM
  15. Silas Burr's Avatar
    I use mines it works ok

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    07-04-16 09:10 AM
  16. FSeverino's Avatar
    Anyone have Evernote and spotify working on theirs?

    I just thought of using mine as a writing/research device but I would need those two apps.

    Posted via CB10
    07-04-16 05:01 PM
  17. roleli's Avatar
    I do. Reading, Tetris, email... still works well.

    Posted via CB10
    07-04-16 06:29 PM
  18. rphillipchuk's Avatar
    I have one at work, but I use only weather, calculator, calendar, world watch and emails.
    And a second one at home, which I use for the same + games.

    Sooner or later I will replace it, probably with an iPad, because I want eBooks (which are unfortunately DRM protected).
    Look up "Calibre"
    07-06-16 07:38 PM
  19. ubeda92's Avatar
    Still use Vault password manager on my two Playbooks, as well as the alarm clock and native web browser (for checking available shortwave stations while around home--more convenient than laptop) on one PB primarily.
    07-07-16 10:58 PM
  20. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Still use them and have a few around the house but two not really used. I picked up two on ebay that were like new and likely belonged to the kids considering the cases. A bargain and another free 50gb box account!

    Sent from a Silver Passport.
    07-08-16 08:58 AM
  21. PlayBook UK's Avatar
    I've just reposted the greatest Apps and Games ever on the PlayBook. Please scroll down on thread for full Gold and Silver lists: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=927131

    PlayBook UK Channel C001CB4A1
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    07-11-16 08:33 PM
  22. FallStaff's Avatar
    Was such a great piece of hardware for its intended usage. Worked great for a time. The glimpse of potential for QNX based OS really got me excited for BB10 and I've been in love with my zeds ever since. Just got the Passport SE on Prime Day, I'm sure that will reduce PlayBook time.

    Posted via CB10
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    07-25-16 06:43 PM
  23. Theiceman01's Avatar
    porn mostly.
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    08-03-16 03:36 PM
  24. sorinv's Avatar
    Still use it to watch live TV and listen to music.
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    08-03-16 05:17 PM
  25. bobshine's Avatar
    Picture frame!
    08-03-16 05:33 PM
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