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    I love my playbook. However, as much as I do enjoy it, its obvious the full potential of this device has not eben jad the surface scratched yet. Ive been foloowing the forums for quite a while even before getting the playbook. OS2 shouldnbe out in Febuary and hopefully contain all the goodies as we all hope. There is so much "talent" that is not beimg taken advantage of in thw playbook. If RIM can harness the OS into what they onvision, this tablet would smoke every other one on the market. My beloved LED notifier is on here but with no apparent ise other than to tell me when the device is fully charged. Im not goin to get into all the shortfalls that it has since we all know them. I do not rehret having this tablet ober others either just for the record. Im just looking to see if anyone has any ideas on what the futire holds for my tablet. Sure apps are lacking. Bit with tje amoumt of sales that habe occured due to the $199 price drop, Im hoping developers and the demand for more will bring forth new and wonderful things. So far, I have done all I can to get the most out of what I have except for rooting which I intend to do as soon as dingleberry works for .6149. Please, anything at all wod be helpful Thanks
    12-30-11 02:16 PM