1. zantetsuken1983's Avatar
    Okay before I sell this tablet that I bought today. Is there any free method of using a Vpn or good proxy server for the playbook? This tablet is totally differentfrom android and ipad tablets that makes it super easy to use Vpn and hide your ip, but this tablet does not have the regular methods and paid methods are very expensive, why? I got this tablet for the flash and java experience and because it looked cool and very solid. But now I can't find any great proxy softwares because the playbook had to be different and have abunch of useless settings few people know how to configure.If I cantset of the up I am selling both this tablet and myz10. I am tired of trying blackberry and the foolishness now. It's just way too easier with Android and apple and itsthe truth!!
    09-13-13 01:23 AM
  2. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    i went thru this nightmare a couple months back,,, for some reason, playbooks & vpns don't play well together,,, i hope you figure out a way...
    09-13-13 01:39 AM
  3. SparkyBC's Avatar
    Depends where you live unblock-us.com $5/month is cheap unless you consider that expensive..
    09-13-13 01:44 AM
  4. pragnesh89's Avatar
    Funny thing is I do get connected to my University's VPN connection with their username and pw and from playbook > security> vpn but the internet doesnt work. I get connected through VPN that's all. It's frustrating.
    09-13-13 09:25 AM
  5. ttsaon's Avatar
    How to setup Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN on Blackberry Playbook

    Please use the following settings to setup the IPSEC VPN:
    Go to Settings

    Add New VPN Profile

    Now we need to actually setup the VPN using using the proper settings
    Server Address: cnipsec.vpntraffic.com (this is china vpn)
    Gateway Type: Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN
    Authentication Type: XAUTH-PSK
    Group Username: ipsec
    Group Password: ipsec
    Hard Token: leave unchecked
    Username: Enter your VPN Username
    Password: Your VPN Password
    Any free VPN on PlayBook?-p2.jpg

    Click save and connect You should now be connected to the vpn.
    10-09-13 10:11 AM

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