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    A big advantage of Playbook and the new Blackberry 10 is that they run Adobe Flash. If you can find a flash game SWF online or offline, it will run, giving you lots of options. See here some examples:

    Here's another video link:

    A site called "myhappygames.com" has tons of Flash games like Angry Birds you can play for free. There are ways to also download and save the SWF (Flash) files directly to your Playbook downloads folder and access them in your browser by using "file:///accounts/1000/shared/downloads" as the address. You can also Google for any game with "SWF" extension. For example, "Angry Birds SWF" or "Spy Hunter SWF" reveals the following download:


    Just visit the SWF link in your Playbook browser (whether it is online or locally stored on your playbook using file:///) and when the game loads, double-tap it to maximize to the full screen! Then don't forget to "ADD A HOME SCREEN" where you do the Bookmarks and it will make your icon on your home screen for you (your own launch icon), so you don't have to browse to the file:/// location each time.

    Keep in mind these Flash games are not as fast as Native-coded games. Angry Birds versions in AppWorld are still way superior (in speed and features and interaction)... And well worth it! But in case you want to play around and try them out first, or try other games (like Spy Hunter or others which don't exist on Playbook), these flash versions are an option.

    I still recommend downloading NATIVE apps in AppWorld when possible. They really run much faster and well worth the few bucks!
    11-04-12 01:36 AM
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    I am 100% certain Rovio will release NATIVE Angry Birds games for Blackberry 10 just like we have available on Playbook. The code is already there... Should not be a huge deal for them to port it over.

    All of these NATIVE games are way faster than Flash, and will allow full interaction like pinch-to-zoom.

    You will notice Flash games don't have multi-touch capabilities (since they are designed usually for computer desktop browsers where you only have a single mouse). Pinch-to-zoom and other multi-touch interactions are replaced by zoom-in/out buttons on the Flash version, which can be annoying.

    So use these Flash versions sparingly, and mostly on the simplest games which run faster. Complicated games like Angry Birds are best played when NATIVE which are already available in AppWorld...

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    11-04-12 08:25 AM

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