09-11-15 04:23 PM
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    ROI in any custom job you do for yourself is usually expressed in large negative numbers.

    I have been shopping for a replacement for my playbook and I can't seem to find anything that bests it's feature for under $300 cnd. Most of the lower end androids are pure crap. I would be nice to be able to keep using blackberry's impressive hardware with a browser that works.

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    I was in your shoes and everyone else's with a Playbook that are looking for a replacement. I look for months and finally had to settle on a Surface Pro. I hate it but what choice do I or we have. That's why I am still using my PlayBook and recently purchased a Z30.
    The thing is most Android tables are made for price point and you get what you pay for. Sad to say most people want cheap crap. It's not just electronics it everything.
    09-08-15 07:36 AM
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    I think for build quality you will likely find little comparable to the playbook, outside of the iPad series or Surface Pro's (the original RT Surface tabs are basically useless). Maybe some of those commercial ones might be OK, though I don't know what they cost.

    I know the number of times my daughter has stood on mine, at almost 30 pounds...I'm amazed it works as well as the day I got it!

    Really have to teach her not to do that though...

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    09-11-15 04:23 PM
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