02-04-17 04:25 PM
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  1. The_Viking's Avatar
    I've dusted off one of my PBs to test as a dashboard for my home automation system. If it works as hoped I plan to mount it behind a two-way mirror to make a smart mirror:

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    Amazing idea
    04-09-16 09:12 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Coaster, saves the finish on the table......
    04-11-16 02:03 PM
  3. Pixtureskk's Avatar
    With the Mini Bluetooth KB + the mini Bluetooth speaker + installing many .Bar files, my 64gig PB has become an excellent mini laptop. Together my my ISP just boosting my 5mb internet to 50mb, even the stock browser is working much faster. My PB is new again!!
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    12-12-16 08:44 PM
  4. outlawglamour's Avatar
    Have the PB had any new updates?

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-16 01:00 PM
  5. brookie229's Avatar
    Have the PB had any new updates?

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    It is EOL and has not had any updates for a long time (3 years??) and will never get another update.
    12-23-16 01:10 PM
  6. elantragt2k2's Avatar
    WiFi OBD2 adapter and the Torque Pro app makes it into a functional (albeit rather basic) automotive scan tool. It reads and clears DTCs and displays live engine data.
    01-11-17 11:38 PM
  7. JJStripes's Avatar
    Anyone know if there is a way I can use my playbook as a home security camera with remote monitoring on my work desktop or android smartphone?
    01-12-17 10:19 AM
  8. tatone's Avatar
    That sounds like a great idea, reply if you get it done.

    Posted using my Awesome BlackBerry Z30
    02-04-17 04:25 PM
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