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    Hi everyone,

    Got myself a Playbook back in May, when I was using iPhone. Finally decided I wouldn't get much use out of it without a BlackBerry so I got a 9900 a couple weeks ago...and it...is...fantastic.

    I have a stylus from God-knows-what (I have a technologically-obsessed-live-in-boyfriend, of whom I knicked said stylus off of. Could be for an iPad, or a video game console of some sort.)
    It's your typical stylus with the rounded nubbin...it does work with my PB in the sense that I can write with it...however, what I write on screen rivals a 5-year-old's signature. I'm wondering if there are any "pointy"-ended styluses (styli?) out there- what do the artists and graphic designers of this forum use?

    I found a couple of old stylus threads from Jan 2011, hoping someone's stumbled upon more since then....cheers for your time.

    07-14-12 09:41 PM
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    Hi steph,

    Styli for the playbook are a delicate topic. The Playbook touchscreen is not as responsive as the fruit's touchscreen.

    I have tried many styli including brands like Bamboo, Targus, Griffin. As you mentioned, the handwritting looks like a 5year old. To get a nice response, you must add a significant amount of pressure and writing feels unnatural like this.

    One thing i have noticed is that the app you use has a lot to do with how your handwritting comes up.

    This is a little "review" I made for a Stylus.

    As for a "pointy" stylus. There are two types of stylus: for resistive screens and for capacitive screens. The resistive screens are like the old palms and nintendos. they use a pointy plastic stylus.

    LCD touchscreen are mostly capacitive screens and they respond as a result of a variation of capacitance delivered by your finger. The area of contact must be bigger as opposed to a resisitive screen.. Blah ... Blah ... Blah..

    There was a post claiming that the playbook needed a small area, but by experience I must say this is false.

    There are some "pointy" stylus alternatives, which basically have a plastic disc that allows you to have a better view of what you're doing.
    I haven't tried them but you can find some posts here about them.

    These are the dagi p504 and the adonit jot pro.

    Hope at least a bit of this post was useful.
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    07-14-12 10:03 PM
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    The least bit helpful? My goodness madam, that was great! Very in depth! Thank you!

    I'll give it a good read and some thought...it's more of a "want" than a "need" at the present time
    07-14-12 10:14 PM
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    I highly recommend trying before you buy if at all possible. I agree with the previous post. The wider the nib the less pressure required. You also need to take into account any screen protector you may have installed as this can affect the stylus performance. I can recommend the SGP Kuel H12 stylus. It has a thinner nib and works great on the BB9900 as well. It is less responsive on my PB due to the heavy duty Wrapsol screen protector I have on but it is a great stylus with a retractable nib which protects it when not in use. You can check it out on Crackberry.
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    07-15-12 12:48 AM
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    Taz, what's your opinion on the Wrapsol? I don't have any screen protector on at the moment, but I had bought the Wrapsol Privacy Screen for my Bold...and it was awful. I couldn't see the screen clearly Wondering if anyone else found it bad as well.
    07-15-12 05:11 AM
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    I bought and use the Acase 2nd generation stylus for my PlayBooks which is longer and has a thinner tip than most. Cost me like $8 at Amazon.com with free shipping. It also works for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and phones as well as my 9930.
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    07-15-12 07:36 AM
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    Here's a somewhat aging review posted on the forum:

    Direct link:

    CB thread

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    07-15-12 09:30 AM
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    I'm not an artist, but I bought a Bamboo because I thought my son who writes Graphic Novels might use one on an Ipad. He still prefers paper and pen.
    Combine that with the poor luck I had with EVERY screen protector I've tried and a bit of luck.
    I have used a small amount of plastic polish on my screen (it really smears and takes time for the first coat, I gave it a second and occasionally redo it). The Bamboo works great now, I can use it with little to no effort to write and sketch. Be careful not to use too much.
    Good luck,
    Tony Renier
    07-15-12 10:49 AM
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    I have the rockfish stylus.
    07-15-12 11:15 AM
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    They are not all the same.
    07-15-12 11:46 AM
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    When I bought my Rocketfish stylus, the sales guy took it out of the package and let me test it out on the Playbook to see if I liked it. I'd recommend doing this if you have the opportunity.
    07-15-12 01:37 PM
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    Taz, what's your opinion on the Wrapsol? I don't have any screen protector on at the moment, but I had bought the Wrapsol Privacy Screen for my Bold...and it was awful. I couldn't see the screen clearly Wondering if anyone else found it bad as well.
    I have a wrapsol on my playbook. I had Zagg on other one.

    They have a different feel. The wrapsol feels more "glass-like". The Zagg has an orange peel effect and is slightly thicker. Both affect the responsiveness of the stylus a little.

    I'm very satisfied with my wrapsol.
    07-15-12 02:35 PM
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    Rule of thumb: Spend at least $20 on it.
    07-15-12 04:51 PM
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    I have Great Shield screen protector on both units (from Newegg) and even my other significant one is happy with it. She also insisted on having a stylus pen so she bought Targus brand. It works, but it's far from being perfect and it has limitations. Now she seldom uses the stylus but screen protector is still in perfect condition after 7 months of daily usage.
    07-15-12 06:05 PM
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    I got the Targus Stylus ay Best Buy the other day for $16.99. I have no screen protector. Love it. Cannot stop using it. Took 20 mins to get used to applying a little more pressure, but no more mis-hits in the browser...
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    07-15-12 10:45 PM
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    Must distinguish between stylus good for writing and drawing and stylus good for tapping as used in typing or poking for cursor insertion by people with fat fingers and bad aim. For thelatter most any rubber tipped stylus that costs only a couple of bucks and has a little give to it will do.
    07-15-12 11:01 PM