03-14-13 10:07 PM
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  1. Sailormannn's Avatar
    H'mm .. Album art is all there on iTunes but on Playbook the only art that is visible is for tunes actually purchased from the iTunes store. All the Album Art for tunes that were burned from CDs in iTunes is not visible.

    Noticed that there is a folder called Album Artwork in the iTunes folder on my mac. Wonder if this has to come over to the PB? There are 3 sub-folders: Cache, Download and Local.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.
    01-03-12 06:50 PM
  2. kmgberry's Avatar
    My music files were fine when I was removing my memory card and adding music that way. My problem of album art not working started when I downlloaded BB Link and it automatically started to sync my music. Even itunes music album art was effected.

    First off, it does not matter if your sync is set to Microsoft media player or Itunes. The problem was that when Link sync-ed, files were added to my memory card, all over the place, and this caused a permenent error on the card, reformatting was needed. These files are "folder.jpg" and "bbthumb.dat". ALL those files need to be deleted, there had been about 30 created on mine. The way I found them was I searched my micro sd on my PC, (some BBthumb files may be hidden so make sure that setting is on). I used the search function of all files in "windows explorer" to do this (this is not the same as windows internet explorer). After I deleted those and any other I did not recognize, I copied the entire card (pictures etc as well) to my desktop in a folder. Then I put the card back in the z10 and reformatted the card. Then, I put the card back in the PC and put everything from the folder I had created back on the card. Success! I am so glad it worked, I was not happy with no album art, my whole music collection is on that 16 gb card! I hope this helps someone! It took me 3 hours of reading forums to combine all answers I had seen!

    I have now permanently UNINSTALLED BBlink from my PC and will not use it. It is not necessary, and clearly has some bugs for my set up anyway
    (I run a PC with windows 7)
    03-14-13 10:07 PM
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