10-31-12 09:19 AM
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    You know, as much as I hate to say it, this reminds me of a situation I encountered as a developer. It was a situation in which I was working with a spaghetti bowl of code. I would fix something only to break something else. It was a nightmare to work in. When changes worked I was forced to not make any sudden movements when backing away from the code because it was so temperamental. I hope this isn't the case with the Playbook. However, their quality control hasn't been that satisfactory which indicates that they might not truly understand what they are working with and how the code operates yet just as I with that mess I was forced to deal with. I really hope I'm wrong, but their track record hasn't been that great and to miss yet another major bug such as a reoccurring browser crash from a quite a few individuals doesn't suggest that I'm talking out of my rear section.

    Not a good sign in my opinion.
    Unfortunately, you may be right. The Browser has always had issues. Seemingly innocuous sites or html code (flash or javascript) have imploded it. That fact that after a year and a half and they've been unable to add bookmark organization and "search on webpage" means someone does not have a handle on the code and how to add to it or fix it. One of my first jobs when a computer programmer (all those many years ago), was "maintenance" and delving into others' code was an amazing challenge.
    10-31-12 08:50 AM
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    Try clearing your cache inside browser settings.

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