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    Hi guys , right now there is an offer going on wherein i can buy a Blackberry 16gb playbook for 15k(Indian currency) which is around 300$. This happens to be the only dual core tablet in this price range. I am planning on this but before that would like to know from fellow PB users if this is the right device for me.

    My usage : Basically, i am looking to reduce my notebook for all my professional needs and use the playbook for entertainment.
    Will be using the PB primarily for browsing, social networking and stuff. That apart i would prefer to stream videos and movies like i do on my notebook. I don't really like the idea of downloading so streaming capability is something important for me. Sites used for streaming are - Stagevu, Megavideo, Putlocker, VideoBB, Xtshare, Novamov, Dailymotion, Youtube etc..
    As for apps, if it supports android apps then great. Even if it doesn't not a deal breaker if my browsing and streaming criteria is met.

    Thanks, looking forward for ya feedback.
    01-23-12 04:00 AM
  2. anilvarma's Avatar
    Hey sparky...this is Anil and i bought the playbook for the same price, i must say i am very happy with it. The media capabilities and the browser are awesome...i tried some of the streaming sites you mentioned (Video BB, Daily motion and you tube) and they are working flawless...I am a game tester and we do most of the testing on android and i can say that playbook OS is much more intuitive and fun...
    As far as apps... they are much less compared to what we get on other platforms..eagerly waiting for the os2.0 which adds android player (thousands of android apps on BB app world)

    I don't think you will regret buying BB playbook at that price point (Although you might get some odd looks from your friends who dont know much about it and are supporting iOS and android blindly)
    01-23-12 04:25 AM
  3. vanfred1's Avatar
    I am very new to the Playbook so it is best for you to wait for replies from other more knowledgeable user, but here is my view.

    My family has and Ipad 1 and 2 an Asus Transformer and a Touchpad as well as the Playbook so those are the devices I am using to compare.

    The Playbook is really excellent for watching streaming films/ flash video and video stored on the device. It is as good perhaps better than the other tablets we have for this use. It is really easy to link the PB to a TV via an HTML cable.

    It has no native email client until V2 is released in February. This means that unless you already have a Blackberry you are limited to using webmail sites.

    Personally I think a larger screen is much better for general web surfing.

    The small form factor is very convenient when traveling.

    There is no micro sccard expansion so be very careful to choose a size that meets your needs.

    Currently there are a very limited number of apps available and they are expensive compared to Android and Apple.

    The OS is very good, smooth and intuitive.

    Personally if I had to choose to have only one tablet, it would not be the Playbook, but as a second tablet it is great.
    01-23-12 04:33 AM
  4. egzbuen's Avatar
    Just like you, I reduced my laptop for professional use. I bought the PB for browsing and watching movie on the go. Not to mention the ability to bridge my BB 9900 with it to share my mobiles data plan.

    I think you wont go wrong with it.

    As posted above, the only thing not going right now is the availability of so many apps unlike the other tablets. Nonetheless, that will change soon, specially with the release of the OS 2.0

    Did I mention its fast, multi-tasking is a breeze, sweet screen resolution and very fast browser. Plus, the size makes it more protable compared to the others.

    Good luck.
    01-23-12 04:40 AM
  5. Sonic77's Avatar
    Hi guys ,... so streaming capability is something important for me. Sites used for streaming are - Stagevu, Megavideo, ....

    You won't be streaming much from Megavideo anymore ...
    01-23-12 06:28 AM
  6. fj_cruiser's Avatar
    Go for it! I use my PB(s) for pretty much the same purposes... you cant go wrong with it! I dont have either of my PBs on me right now but I will test those sites later....
    01-23-12 08:41 AM
  7. sparky19's Avatar
    Thanks a ton for all the feedback guys. That was really helpful and reassuring.
    01-23-12 12:23 PM