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    First off, two caveats. If you have a problem with using android apps, stop reading NOW. Second, I don't want this to start a rant about the native file browser not recognizing sub-folders, forcing you to scroll through thousands of pics if you want to attach one to an email. Let's all agree, this is weak point for the PB, but it's been said a thousand times and stating it again is pointless.

    If you're still with me, there is a way to attach files to an email with a file browser that, in fact, does see any sub-folders that you may have created on your PB. To do so, you'll need one app, (if you don't already have it ) called Ghost Commander, which is a free android file browser in app world. You'll also need another app, android email, which you already have though you may not realize it. To access android email, open Ghost, and from the home screen click "applications", then scroll down till you find "Email". Click on "Email", then on "Shortcuts", then "Email-Main". This will open the android email app. From here you'll be prompted to set up an email account- follow the directions.

    Once you've set up your account(s), you should be taken to your inbox. To compose an email, swipe from the top and tap "Compose" Then, to attach a pic or a doc or whatever else you want to attach, swipe from the top and tap "add attachment" A dialogue box will appear with a choice of file browsers to use- choose Ghost Commander. Ghost will then open back up, and in one pane you can navigate to the file you want to attach. Ghost will see your PB's file structure, including any sub-folders that you may have created. Once you've navigated to your file, tap the file, and it will attach to your email. Repeat as necessary.

    One other thing, to make it easier to open the android email app, you can navigate to Applications/Email/Shortcuts in Ghost, then tap and hold the shortcuts folder. A dialogue will appear, and choose "Add shortcuts to favorites". Later, if you want to open android email, you can open Ghost, and from the homescreen tap favorites/shortcuts/email-main. That's four taps total, more than opening the Messages app, but not too onerous.
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    OK. I just realized that there is perhaps an easier way to do this. If you use any of the Android Internet Browsers, Dolphin, Maxthon, Skyfire, etc., to access your email, when you compose an email and click on "attach", the app will also give you a choice of file browsers to use to find the file you want to attach. If you choose one of a number of android file browsers, Ghost being one I already mentioned, you'll have access to the PB's full file structure, including subfolders.

    The whole point of this all is that I've seen a number of complaints about the native file browser. So if you have 2000 pics on your PB, you might find it convenient to organize your photos folder into subfolders, such as "Home", "work", "school", "trip to Vegas", etc. Now the Pictures app will recognize these subfolders and they'll show up as Albums. Thus, when your looking for that pic of you and Wayne Newton, you'll know to look in the "trip to Vegas" album. Simple. The problems begin when you decide to email that same pic to a friend. You try to attach the pic to an email and the native file browser pops up. Since the native browser doesn't see your "trip to vegas" subfolder, you're stuck having to scroll through 2000 pictures looking for the one you want to attach. With this work around, you can use an android file browser that does see that "trip to vegas" subfolder, navigate to it, and then you only have to scroll through the pics in that particular folder. In addition, this method will let you attach any type of file to an email. The Messages app or the native browser will only let you attach Pics, music, video or document files.
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