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    Hi all, I am fairly new to the PlayBook but not to BlackBerry. I'm currently using a Bold 9900. My PlayBook is updated to version and everything is working fine. I have questions about the Messages application and how I'm using it.

    I have an Exchange account that has been successfully working with Outlook 2010 on my PC for years. ActiveSync is enabled on the server. I have about a hundred folders under Inbox and many server-side rules that sort incoming messages. I'm sure you can see where this is going. In Outlook, I have a search folder that shows today's emails grouped by folder all in one place so I can see what has come in today. I also have a search folder showing unread emails. Can I do something like this on the PlayBook?

    I just want to be able to see emails that have come in today without having to go through all of my folders and manually update them. I've read some forum messages that talk about this but they don't really address the issue in newer OS versions. What should I do? Thanks!
    08-03-12 04:29 PM
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    I am not aware of multiple folder search, capability with PB unified inbox other than the PB inbox filters for mail accounts, from, to, today,yesterday, last week, read, flagged etc.

    I do something similar as you with rules for filing copies to offline folders because of a server message folder size limitation our company has. I keep the originals in my inbox until I don't need them anymore. Off line folders are not accessible via PB though.

    Can you use copy in your rules instead of move, then use the PB mail filters to find what you are looking for in the main Inbox?
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    08-04-12 08:04 AM