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    I already posted this in another thread, but figured I'd create a new thread so that the title could be more easily searched by others looking for a good Bluetooth keyboard for their Playbook.

    I recently got a Playbook for my wife and have tried several Bluetooth keyboards without much success. The Azio mini keyboard worked ok, but the keys were too small. A RockSoul keyboard was too stuttery, omitting too many keystrokes. Another keyboard from ProHT/Inland paired but didn't respond.

    FINALLY, I found that the keyboard designed for the Acer Iconia tablet (of which I have two) also pairs nicely with the Playbook, suffering no keystroke dropouts. The build is very good, the keys are a good size and have a nice feel, and the whole unit is very light and portable. There are a bunch of function keys specific for the Iconia, but it's no different than many of the Ipad specific keys on most other keyboards.

    I got mine from an eBay seller, supposedly brand new (although might be refurbished). Good price--$39! Here's the link:

    Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Acer ICONIA Tab A500, A500 | eBay
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    06-11-12 06:12 PM