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    hi cb community!

    first my appreciation to BB PLAYBOOK:
    i was searching for a budget affordable quality tablet to buy for my handy dandy social networking needs (because im slightly broke LOL) and because i already got an iOS Music Player and an Android Phone i kinda want another OS for a tablet and i got myself a playbook! i am pretty amazed about its performance considering it was a 1-year old tablet made to compete with the old ipad and ipad 2.

    i was not a fan of bb and the playbook is the only device i have bought from them. i was impressed by its OS and the gesture actions. and thought of this: damn this tab is too much under appreciated by those people saying this is sh*t because of its lack of apps (although i must say that i dont care about the lack of apps because i only care about this because of its excellent web abilities) but the amount of apps in the appworld is growing each day (quality over quantity i must say). Now i can say that because of Playbook i am also a BB Fan now!

    my main inquiry (LOL, sorry for the long intro-appreciation): I was looking for a way to access native game saves to the playbook like iFile for iOS? i tried bar file managers on the appworld but it only gives access to limited folders. i also tried looking for the native apps and games folders on the playbook via my laptop but to no avail i cant find them either. can someone explain to me how to access them? or am i just too lazy to look further?LOL hehe thanks!
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    07-15-12 02:45 AM
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    You can install Ghost Commander, a free file browser in app world. It will give you access to all of the files on your PB, but locating specific game save files is probably easier said than done.
    07-15-12 03:02 AM
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    thanks! the only purpose of me searching for these game saves is for me to back em up if i decided to uninstall a finished game for another game. apps these days grows bigger and bigger in sizes so i cant keep the ones i finished forever. thanks again. goodluck to me in finding these saved files. >.<
    07-16-12 03:56 AM