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    Hi all, I am new to the forum and just picked up my first Blackberry product, got a 32 GB Playbook last night at the $149 deal. Anyway I did a quick search but could not find any information regarding future AC3 codecs for the playbook, almost my entire video library is AC3. Does anyone know if the coming update will provide AC3 support? If not what are my options, are there any free, easy to use, conversion tools out there? Thanks for the help.
    02-04-12 11:27 AM
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    ac3 should have be included with the playbook, especially given the original premium pricing. The licence from dolby would have been a few bucks or less to decode. i think there is a free ac3 GPL decoder called liba52 that is in programs such as VLC so if they get on the platform we may get ac3.

    flac should be on the playbook also.

    cmon rim, make it right, make this the best tablet ever, the potential is there.

    if you won,t give us ac3 and flac for free like it should have been bundled in the original purchase price, then make an upgrade option that we have to pay for... a codec pack. I would pay for the increased utility and to stop waisting time with conversions.

    this tablet has the potential to be a real sleeper hit if RIM is creative, make people wish they got in and then create the desire for whatever comes next. wanting something that others have but cannot get is lust... RIM needs to get some.

    ps search the forum, there are conversion threads...
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    02-04-12 12:45 PM
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    01-29-13 09:34 PM
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    Kalemsoft Media Player will play AC3 without problem, as well as pretty much any other video you can throw at it.
    01-29-13 09:40 PM
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    Yeah! +9999999999999999
    for Kalemsoft Media Player. Lol.. But great app. Inface, a killer of an app..!
    01-29-13 11:04 PM