1. Jasper18's Avatar
    Not sure if this will help anyone but Currys/Pc World are advertising 64gb Playbook for 129 online delivered or reserve & collect. And yes I have reserved one for collection
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    08-23-12 07:57 AM
  2. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    out of stock this area Newcastle
    08-23-12 08:09 AM
  3. Jasper18's Avatar
    Got mine in darlo if you don't mind the travel.....
    08-23-12 08:11 AM
  4. DC506's Avatar
    That's about $200 CDN??.....Great deal!!!!!
    08-23-12 08:20 AM
  5. pragnesh89's Avatar
    Woow thats about $160 USD. Awesome deal
    08-23-12 08:24 AM
  6. bkupris's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up OP! Just ordered one
    08-23-12 08:57 AM
  7. Tim1131's Avatar
    Got mine in darlo if you don't mind the travel.....
    Glad to see you guys getting some good deals!
    08-23-12 09:12 AM
  8. michaelatkinson's Avatar
    Time to upgrade from 32gb... and buy a couple of gifts!!!


    08-23-12 09:52 AM
  9. laserx's Avatar
    Woow thats about $160 USD. Awesome deal
    Check your math, it is 204.00 USD and $203.00 CDN....maybe you're thinking back to the good old days of the US dollar.
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    08-23-12 10:53 AM
  10. pragnesh89's Avatar
    Check your math, it is 204.00 USD and $203.00 CDN....maybe you're thinking back to the good old days of the US dollar.
    :--D I googled it haha maybe that was why I was wrong
    08-23-12 10:56 AM
  11. danzainvisible's Avatar
    great price,just reserved mine to collect in the morning i already have a 32gb that i paid 200 for 6 months ago but cannot resist this 64gb 129, fantastic, i am in kingston upon hull (they have stock at curry,s )but not at pcworld. thks tony.
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    08-23-12 12:33 PM
  12. ursulavasey's Avatar
    I paid the same price 129 for the 16gb earlier this month at the Burnley store, as did my partner. I think I'll give DSG a ring and see if I can upgrade to the higher level for free, as an exchange deal.
    08-23-12 01:29 PM
  13. bitek's Avatar
    rim Is cleaning inventory before ipad mini comes out. aggressive pricing. the more playbooks are in the wild the better. love my 64gb. paid $299 for it and it was well worth it.
    08-23-12 03:01 PM
  14. craigthomas11's Avatar
    picked one up yesterday, so far pretty pleased with it.

    awesome price, glad I held of buying the 32gb version PC World discounted recently because just a few weeks later its the 64gb and 10 cheaper
    08-26-12 03:48 PM
  15. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Picked up mine yesterday from the Kidderminster store. Almost set up now. Just wish you could import contacts from my 9900 or outlook. That's lame.

    Still a great deal for 129.00 (Actually only 103.20 when I've claimed back the vat)
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    08-26-12 04:12 PM
  16. lscm's Avatar
    just picked up 3 of them
    video chat is great too.
    08-27-12 03:57 AM
  17. Donnee's Avatar
    Picked up an extra one myself yesterday, had a 32gb from launch but people keep stealing it for browsing the web, should solve the problem
    08-27-12 04:29 AM
  18. RightyTightyLeftyLoosey's Avatar
    OK, it has now reached the price point where it would be rude not to buy one. Plenty in stock at my local Currys Dig, so they'll be getting a visit tomorrow.
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    08-27-12 11:20 AM
  19. scarymonster's Avatar
    Just ordered two, one for myself and one for the better half so I won't have to keep letting her have a go of mine.
    08-27-12 01:33 PM
  20. moneyhunster's Avatar
    i just bought 3, gonna be a happy few at christmas this year!
    08-27-12 02:37 PM
  21. tinker2000's Avatar
    I bought one (for a full set of 16, 32 and 64), one friend bought two, another two bought one each. Bargain of the year....Although they do appear early models (18/05/11 and 25/05/11) and they ain't fully flat on the bottom....

    (Nottingham and Grantham had lots)

    Who cares for 129 quid
    08-27-12 02:43 PM
  22. ozycomms's Avatar
    In store pricing at PC World Glasgow and online (info supplied by phone call to customer service representative):

    16 Gb 129.00
    32 Gb 149.00
    64 Gb 129.00

    I'd purchased a 32 Gb 30th July thinking that I was getting a great deal, then this happens. Is a gift for nephew's birthday in October. Decided to buy another with the upgraded spec.

    Was pretty upset that only 3 weeks after I bought the tablet due to a price cut where the 64 Gb's price didn't change, it suddenly drops in price from 249.00 to 129.00.

    As you can see from the pricing, which is not a mistake, who in there right mind will buy either a 16 or 32 Gb model when the 64 Gb model costs the same as as 16 Gb and LESS THAN the 32 Gb.

    Incidentally when I went into the Glasgow Finnieston store, the BlackBerry PlayBook display had been removed. I had to ask for the PlayBook from a member of staff.
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    08-28-12 11:07 AM