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    In case anyone is interested, you can get the 64 GB Playbook for an additional 20 dollars off the promo price through Radioshack's website. Just go to any site like Coupon Cabin, click on the $20 off $175 link, and then order the Playbook after it switches to the Radioshack site. Technically it shouldn't work since computers and tablets are supposed to be excluded but the transaction was processed without issue and is being prepped for shipping. With free 3 day Ship to Store shipping, it cost me $300 including sales tax. BTW, unlike Best Buy and Staples, Radioshack offers a 30 day return period. Just thought I would let people know....

    01-15-12 03:20 PM
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    ??? Am I missing something? I only see the 64 gb for $699.99!!!
    01-15-12 04:13 PM
  3. nurse914's Avatar
    Never mind ....I figured it out lol
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    01-15-12 04:14 PM