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    Thought I would post an update from the PlayBook BetaZone Manager named John here for interest sake/archival purposes if nothing else...



    A new post has been added to the "Playbook updates" message thread.


    I appreciate the response - it's good to hear your thoughts. I am still here, I still read every post, and I am still communicating your shared thoughts and opinions to the right teams. BlackBerry, and my team specifically, still very much care about you as PlayBook owners and power users.

    You're right -- news about PlayBook has been light lately. I know you're expecting more. Some of the most recent posters here are even more right: there are PR plans and rules which typically prevent us from sharing finer details of a product and our roadmap. I'll bring news to you when I can.

    I do urge you to check out our Official BlackBerry Channel on YouTube (youtube.com/blackberry) and the Inside BlackBerry blog to keep up with some of the most recent concepts we're discussing at BlackBerry Live and elsewhere. There is also a community in Beta Zone to discuss BlackBerry 10 feedback.

    Above all of this, BlackBerry is focused on building out our Mobile Computing platform - something you fueled with your interest in PlayBook...thank you! Let's start thinking about what the future of Mobile Computing looks like, and how BlackBerry and PlayBook fit into it.

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    05-15-13 09:36 AM
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    We want to think about "mobile computing" and how Playbook fits into it, but we don't have any information right now from Blackberry to do so except for yesterday's pronouncement from Heins that he wants to spend R&D dollars towards "the future" (which vaguely suggests dollars are not being put towards the already released Playbook).

    Glad to put one eye towards Blackberry youtube channels and elsewhere for their vision towards the future but would be devote more energy towards it if we understood where the Playbook might fit in.
    05-15-13 09:48 AM
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    So not to dilute the original post, I'm going to put some of my thoughts down here with what I am interpreting their wishes for their mobile platform to become after doing some gazing into my magic crystal ball...I am just speculating and trying to interpret the vague and indirect noise I've heard the last little while on where I think BlackBerry is headed. It may appear random but that's because I am still confused myself as to how to pull this all together.

    I am getting the sense that BlackBerry wishes to go the route of cloud enabled computing breaking free of the constraints of a certain hardware type/configuration or perhaps even in a direction similar to Asus's PadFone where the smartphone docks to a larger device when needed to get more horsepower/larger display/more storage etc. I think BlackBerry wants to get out of selling hardware and become a software/services company instead. This is how I interpret the sudden about face of BlackBerry releasing BBM to other platforms. How they're going to make money on this is going to be interesting...maybe they'll try and become a Google/Yahoo/Bing and interject targeted advertisement into things on those platforms...Who knows?

    They keep parroting that "the smartphone is the computing platform of the future" where it can connect to other display devices and interact with them. Ok, I get this, but you will need a reliable and near constant Internet connection to connect with these services if you want to turn the PlayBook into a thin client device. Am I right? Ok, this is possible and I'll roll with it...I mean I have always believed that the Web Browser is the most important app there is/was and that all "services" or apps could work within the browser framework. ***ASIDE: I am having webOS flashbacks right now for some reason...an OS before it's time.

    As it stands now, I'm afraid there is one thing that will hinder this plan and it's a physical limitation of the hardware on the device itself - the crappy (and unreliable) N radio chip you gave the PlayBook that only connects at a maximum 65 Mbps when networked (fast enough for browsing the web but not for large file transfers) and the fact that the Wi-Fi only tablets would remain purely media consumption devices unless connected to a data stream somehow either tethered to a smartphone with cellular data or some other network. ***ASIDE: Someone had better invent a cellular case add-on that can accept a SIM card...who cares if it's a little thick, just make it turn my Wi-Fi tablet into a data enabled cellular one without an additional and separate external device.

    So where do I think that this leaves us current PlayBook owners? Still in "coming soon" limbo of course, at least for now. Technically, I could see us getting access to BlackBerry 10 features and services this way. All they'd need to do is update the web browser of the current PlayBook and update the Flash version perhaps at the same time. Then any device be it Android, iOS, webOS, Windows Phone, whatever could use BlackBerry technology. They're touting BES as being able to handle the security aspect for iOS and Android devices now in business settings afterall...hmmm, that's evidence to back up this idea too perhaps?

    Another train of thought is that I wonder if it's possible that the current version of the PlayBook could run BB 10 in a VM on top of the OS 2.1 in emulation? I don't know...I am not quite technical/nerdy enough to know that so maybe someone else can speak to this possibility if the current hardware could handle this. I think it would since it already does this with Android and the Android Player - cha ching!

    So in short, I see the future of the PlayBook becoming a thin client device connecting to services via the cloud and it not getting a full blown BB OS 10 operating system on it at all. I think they'll update the browser component of the PlayBook and that's about it save a few bug fixes and/or enhancements...I think BlackBerry will stop making hardware too eventually save for a few reference devices aka, Nexus like devices the Android folks love so much and becoming a software focused company, licensing out their stuff to anyone who wants it/is willing to rent it. This is why they're showing how QNX and BB10 works in automobiles and why they said they'd be open to listening to anyone who was interested in licensing BlackBerry technology.

    What are YOUR thoughts? Am I out to lunch here? Let me know...
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    05-15-13 10:21 AM
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    I really hate companies talking in all these buzz words and then you see the outcome then often is just catering yesterdays warmed up food with the flavour of some new spices (Like NOKIA). Yes, there are great oppertunities for the Playbook and even with the current hardware because software will become the deciding factor for all of these great visions. I strongly believe that you could do the greatest things with the current PB hardware and even just with 1GB of memory
    Talking about all the buzz with displays as a service and everything goes mobile...let me show you one example: Indeed I believe in such future developments and BB10 shows it already nicely with their new DLNA support. Functionality that most users do not understand yet unless you demonstrate them in live. Since years DLNA was awaited for arriving on the Playbook and now it seems it might never come. Just imagine you have your Playbooks as a remote controller like the Z10. Watch information or media on your PB, stream from your smartphone or DLNA server or even stream internet radios, youtube and other remote content, then switch to another output device....like the TV or encapsulate DLNA traffic over BBM (this would be probably possible) and make your friends DLNA renderer stream the same media. For all of these cool things you could use the current PlayBook Hardware and yes, the PB would become just another display with some control functionality. All you would need for this is some love and time by BB for this.

    So, my conclusion - I can't stand buzzwords about such a great future when it is obvious that it would be possible but only soon(tm) by BlackBerry. I tell you..they will present another great vision today but no clear indications when and where and how...
    05-15-13 10:56 AM
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    Can I ask you, is it possible from a hardware perspective, that the current PlayBooks do DLNA? I mean is this a software issue or hardware or both? I have no idea and have only seen DLNA used once before on a smart tv and I thought it was awesome...
    05-15-13 11:11 AM
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    It is JUST a software issue...nothing more!!! They have it nicely integrated into BB10 but as it seems it will never arrive... Miracast is something newer and more hardware related but DLNA they could just release today for the Playbook...just search on Youtube for BB10 and DLNA. Unfortunately BB10 has no support yet for browsing media offered by DLNA servers but works as DLNA controller to control for istance a TV to play a local Z10 video. If they would add the DLNA Server thing, you could also direct by your Playbook/phone media from your NAS being played on the TV, so your handheld becomes a nice "digital wand" controlling all the devices around you. Together with some innovation they could do a lot of nice things, also integrate it deep as media/screen sharing into BBM or sharing your playbook screen via DLNA to a TV. Or sending your voice stream recorded by your handled directly to some DLNA audio renderer...so many things and it is all based on software. The rest is "future disruptions bla bla" which I 'm used to by Stephen Elop from Nokia....very sad BB!
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    05-15-13 01:28 PM
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    Here's a BB10 DLNA to a Smart TV demo:

    WOW, do WANT!
    05-15-13 01:39 PM
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    Another train of thought is that I wonder if it's possible that the current version of the PlayBook could run BB 10 in a VM on top of the OS 2.1 in emulation? I don't know...I am not quite technical/nerdy enough to know that so maybe someone else can speak to this possibility if the current hardware could handle this. I think it would since it already does this with Android and the Android Player - cha ching!
    Absolutely not!

    Firstly, it couldn't run BB10 in a VM on top of the OS 2.1 because BB10 (as deployed on the phones) apparently needs 2GB of RAM in order to run smoothly - while the PlayBook has only 1GB RAM. (With much of this 1GB of RAM being used by the native PlayBook OS, there will be too little left to be used for a BB10 emulator).

    Secondly, BB10 is based on the PlayBook OS, so it will be strange to choose to implement a BB10 emulator instead of simply update the PlayBook OS to BB10 standard. (the only reason I could think of being preocupation with keeping the functionality of the current PlayBook OS apps - which I guess could be lost after a BB10 upgrade of the PlayBook).
    05-15-13 02:04 PM
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    What are YOUR thoughts? Am I out to lunch here? Let me know...
    Cd, I always enjoy your inputs to the BB forums (fora?) thanks for your thoughts. Now after using and enjoying two old Torches and two now old PBs and observing from my consumer's niche the goings on at RIM/BBRY it is my contention that RIM/BBRY can put together spec hardware but then can neither design software nor integrate hardware and software as a system without many fits and starts. You only need to look at their track record(s) on Torch and PB to see this. Seems to be one long "OK, let's try 5.0, nope need new hardware, let's call it Torch, let's try 6.0, nope, not selling enough, let's go to 7.x and have new hardware too, then we can do a tablet of some sort and do that too along with a strange new (to us) OS, aw heck let's build some phones that do something besides make phone calls, OK?".

    Yes I exaggerate but the process seems real enough from my vantage point.
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    05-15-13 05:41 PM
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    So why not use DNLA to make the Playbook an emulator (VNP) of the Z10. Then we would have access to all the BB10 apps, using the Z10 processor and storage. Basically, a large Z10 without the phone capability.
    05-15-13 06:16 PM

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