03-17-13 03:05 PM
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  1. Wongsky's Avatar
    I watched Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's USA on Tuesday night (the one with the scary flamingo lady in Baltimore if you need to know for reference), streamed on my home wifi. No pauses, no locks, straight through.

    Bit of buffer at the start, but that was all.
    You deserve it to play with glitches, for watching him.

    Me? I picture him in crosshairs.

    Is that wrong? 'cos I'm not feeling guilty.
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    03-16-13 03:25 PM
  2. ChrisMay's Avatar
    Well, I have done some more experimenting, and my streaming experience is vastly improved with my new router. I still get the odd 'hiccup' but no serious re-buffering, and certainly no hangs, so I guess it really all comes downtown bandwidth. I did some comparisons between the old and new routers on a selection of broadband speed testing sites. My broadband is supposed to be 20Mbps. With the old router I was getting about 4-6Mbps. The new one is giving me anywhere between 8 and 17 and averaging about 14. I imagine this is closer to the actual bandwidth Virgin are actually giving me it's slower at 'busy' times of the day. It's a little curious that my laptop has always worked fine, even with the old router, but I suppose the PlayBook is just more susceptible to fluctuations, and needs a better quality/faster connection, maybe it has a smaller buffer than the laptop?
    03-17-13 03:05 PM
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