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    OMAP4460 + NFC chip + Qualcomm MDM9200 + smaller 4800 mah battery (original Playbook has 5400 mah battery).

    Teardown: Inside the RIM Blackberry Playbook LTE
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    08-10-12 11:59 PM
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    still wonder why they put in a smaller battery.

    noticed the gps/wifi/bluetooth antenna is the same, that mean the original playbook has BT 4.0?
    08-11-12 12:18 AM
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    "Battery" is really one of the spec that should be upgraded (i.e. continually improving for longer portability purpose)... not downgraded... specifically, with added functionality such as LTE which is supposedly always activated (otherwise the LTE feature is useless) and draining power... I keep thinking why RIM reduce the battery capacity of the new PlayBook 4G when they should increase it instead... probably to maintain the thickness of the original PlayBook...
    08-11-12 12:23 AM
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    They put in a smaller battery because they need to put in a LTE daughter board --- all into the same Playbook dimension as the original one.

    The Playbook has BT 4.0 chipset, but no BT 4.0 drivers.
    08-11-12 12:24 AM
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    I find it interesting that, when discussing the PB 4G's memory on page 3 of the article, they mention how they were tearing down the "16GB" model. Yet the 4G only comes in the 32GB flavor. Makes you wonder what exactly they were looking at on their workbench.


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    08-11-12 12:26 AM
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    There is no 16 GB model --- even their photo of the paper box said it is a 32 GB model.
    08-11-12 12:28 AM