1. SebastianNap's Avatar
    Not sure if this has been mentioned but the 4G LTE Playbook has been listed on the US site for BlackBerry and is labeled as "Coming soon"

    It will run on the same bands as T-Mobile and AT&T do:
    LTE? (700, 1700 MHz),
    HSPA+ (2100, 1900, 1700, 800, 900 MHz)

    Link to the US LTE PB


    Screenshot of the "Where To Buy" screen
    4G LTE PlayBook coming to US-img_00000944.png

    Posted with my AT&T BlackBerry Z10
    05-18-13 06:56 PM
  2. Bobert_123's Avatar
    Until BB10 comes to the PB there's no point...
    05-18-13 07:25 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I am rushing out immediately and NOT buying it.
    05-18-13 07:42 PM
  4. vtblues's Avatar
    It's been listed as coming soon all year, nothing new.
    rnhld likes this.
    05-18-13 09:14 PM
  5. muddy211's Avatar
    I am rushing out immediately and NOT buying it.
    LMAO!!! That made me laugh so hard...I don't know why but it was so funny to me!!!
    FF22 likes this.
    05-18-13 10:03 PM
  6. SparkyBC's Avatar
    Telus has them on their website for almost $500. Good luck with that. Think all pb owners are flipping Blackberry the bird.

    Nothing like lying to your customer base to win them over on the that was the old Rim way.

    However you slice it nothing has changed. Thor should grab some balls and put this to bed instead of the silent treatment.

    Like it or not there is 2 million playbook owners. They last few months with no news no way people would consider any other blackberry product. But who needs any potential sales right!

    I bought a z10 but all my friends that bought pb at full retail said no way they're buying another blackberry product!

    We will hear anything on this issue half past never. It's the same old rim job way!!
    05-18-13 10:16 PM
  7. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Just when you think the coming soon of Z10 is not long enough for the US. No one does coming soon better than BB. LOL!!
    05-18-13 10:18 PM
  8. Orange UK's Avatar
    Why pay for * Birds when * customers are coming now, chargeable free content in a limited app store and a tablet in beta with 2 million+ users for two years+


    57Vulgarities really should have stayed with RIM, from what I hear it's alot more pleasing getting ****ed up the *** with that than any kind of Blackberry. Actually PB makes it 58Vulgarities....

    Berrysoft Coming Soon to Richmend.
    05-18-13 11:29 PM
  9. FF22's Avatar
    LMAO!!! That made me laugh so hard...I don't know why but it was so funny to me!!!
    _WE_ (royally speaking) try to please. I know the feeling occasionally someone will post something and I will just sit here chuckling. It can be a nice high.
    05-18-13 11:52 PM
  10. mikeplus1's Avatar
    I doubt they could sell many of these for more than $50 over the current sale prices of the WiFi only versions exceptmaybe to a very few limited loyal fans who don't have free tethering or free wifi, even with OS 10.2 or whatever os flavor they can rollout by then.
    05-19-13 06:52 AM
  11. bluenote's Avatar
    I think that was an old page from when the LTE version originally came out. I don't think the US carriers carried it at all (or if they did, it was only for a limited time) but the page was never updated.
    05-19-13 01:53 PM
  12. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    i still haven't grasped the idea behind these,,, @ $550/U.S., why would you add an extra line for something that can be done via 3g bridge/wifi model???
    05-19-13 03:49 PM
  13. EchoesFX's Avatar
    I would buy it not for the 4G connectivity but for the upgraded CPU. I'd imagine that games like Asphalt 7 would run a lot smoother on it than on the wifi only model. Doesn't look like it will see a US release in my opinion though, brand new PlayBooks are becoming scare in the US.

    Posted via CB10
    05-19-13 08:30 PM
  14. thinkman's Avatar
    I have the playbook LTE, it's pretty sweet, and noticeably faster than the wifi version

    Posted via CB10
    05-19-13 08:37 PM
  15. bunky1971's Avatar
    I'll be in line to buy one!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9000 using Tapatalk
    05-19-13 08:43 PM

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