1. deuce2290's Avatar
    I just read this and wanted to share it with you guys, and please forgive me if this article has already been posted.

    4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook makes iOS and Android devices feel about as sophisticated as my daughter
    08-12-12 09:58 AM
  2. playbookster's Avatar
    lol awesome review
    08-12-12 10:02 AM
  3. jeroen_13's Avatar
    lol awesome review
    +1 ! ! ! ! !
    08-12-12 10:19 AM
  4. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this - hope the article gets picked up by some more mainstream tech news sites as well (in which case, it might get picked up by mainstream media too...)
    08-12-12 10:19 AM
  5. zolt11's Avatar
    Great article. Love my PlayBook and and looking forward to my new BBX!!!!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850 using Tapatalk
    08-12-12 10:21 AM
  6. Blackberry_boffin's Avatar
    Any news on that pesky LTE chipset that we were told held BB10 devices a while back or was that for lack of a better excuse?
    We now have a RIM LTE device that should be explained now.
    08-12-12 11:07 AM
  7. morlock_man's Avatar
    Maybe when they picked up Paratek they picked up an alternative?
    08-12-12 11:08 AM
  8. howarmat's Avatar
    08-12-12 11:16 AM