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    after 2 weeks I bought a 2nd PB for the gal of the house, she's very tech limited (to be kind) but I broke her in by buying the ereader app (she has a Kindle) and putting a couple other apps on that she uses on her computer (weather...)

    My selling feature to her was the video chat that we could use when I travel. We tried it in the apartment and she liked the concept (the whole video chat feature was my main selling feature to her to get me to "upgrade" to the 32gb)

    I'll keep breaking her in slowly but if I can get her to really like it that will be huge because she is a sort of non-adopter of technology

    So she has my original 16gb which I cleared after I restored it to my new 32gb one.

    the forums here really helped me with things.

    I've purchased ~$20 in apps so far to support the devs of the PB, not alot but I do want to wait for 2.0 before I buy too many..

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    02-11-12 01:19 PM
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    Enjoy! Bought my parents (who live a couple thousand miles away) one for Christmas for the video chat feature as well. Now my S.O., who loves his Android, is getting one for free thanks to the free PB offer for Android app developers who convert their app to PB 2.0/BB 10. So we are slowly but surely becoming a BlackBerry family thanks to the PlayBook (and not the smartphones).
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    02-11-12 01:30 PM