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    1) Is it just a multimedia device? or Can you also use it as a regular phone if you pop in a SIM card? I know the iPad doesn't support that and is a waste of money since you would need to hold a phone and another device.

    2) When is the release date and expected price tag?

    My girlfriend wants to get one if it can actually be used as a mobile phone.
    12-03-10 01:54 AM
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    12-03-10 02:17 AM
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    1) it's not "just a multimedia device" it's a full fledged tablet. Currently it will not connect directly to the carrier, but through a BlackBerry phone. Just buy her a cheap pearl 3G off of ebay and call it a day.
    2) In january, two-month testing will be starting. So we can expect March or April. And Basille confirmed that it will start from $499 or so.
    You REALLY don't want to be using it as a phone. It's just too big. Try finding a Samsung Galaxy Tab to compare sizes. (the Samsung is actually a tad smaller)
    12-03-10 02:23 AM
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    I don't know if it's too big to be used as a phone if you have bluetooth.... For me, I think it would be beneficial to have just one "uber" device than having to carry around 2, but I digress. Will need to look at Samsung Galaxy Tab to get a better perspective on the size.
    12-03-10 02:48 AM
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    It's not a phone. It does not even have the cellular radio's in them for data. (It uses WiFi or tethers to your BB for internet access) - This has been stated, in some for or another in every review of the unit along with the release date of "First Quarter 2011."

    There is supposed to be some type of expansion module bay in it. This is supposedly (Only a guess by those that have posted about it) a bay for a cellular network card so that you can get service with the provider of your choice for DATA services. This has not been confirmed.

    Both of your questions are answered in greater detail in the STICKY at the top of the forum. http://forums.crackberry.com/f222/bl...aybook-533395/
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    12-03-10 08:17 AM
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    My girlfriend wants to get one if it can actually be used as a mobile phone.
    She really wants to hold a 7" tablet to her head?

    Thats kinda nuts, and you would need two hands to hold it.

    With Rim working on NFC, I will imagine that the tethering will be BlueTooth, and then you can pair an handsfree device and then have a dialer app on the playbook so that your BB stays in your pocket or bag.

    We really wont know whats going to happen, but it will be under $500 Canadian and should be Q1/Q2ish 2011.

    And please ML, read the other playbook threads, these questions have been answered already....
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    12-03-10 08:53 AM
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    In january, two-month testing will be starting. So we can expect March or April.

    Do you have a source?
    12-03-10 11:03 AM
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    Do you have a source?
    Someone made his first post ever creating a thread saying he was getting one mid jan for 60 days of beta testing. So, to answer your question, no there is no source

    Edit: In the beta testing thread Grahamf also says he also received an e-mail about beta testing it, so now that's two people saying this, not just one.
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    12-03-10 11:40 AM
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