12-15-12 01:11 PM
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  1. beman39's Avatar
    I cant beleive or understand why some of you are experiencing bad stuff happening with this update...so far this has been working flawless for me and I have noticed the speed of pages loading the same BUT when I use to scroll up or down super fast I got checker boarding and that seems to be gone in this new update!! its super smooth!! also for the bridge sms, it also works fantastic and I used it a bunch of times and I'm LUVING IT! only time I get the waiting sign is when my phone is too far from the playbook! when they are close together they connect and sms bridge window pops up right away! seems to me this is by far the best update "I've" ever had!
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    10-03-12 06:06 PM
  2. Birddog2's Avatar
    I have posted a similar one to the main post from Bla1ze but there is definitely a bug on SMS bridge.
    My PB only shows my last conversation.
    However, it shows 6 times.
    3 with recipient A, 3 with recipient B.
    However, my conversation is with recipient C.

    When I send a new one to the recipient C, it works and it stays at the top.
    however, when the bridge re-syncs, the original one disappears and those A and B show up.

    I deleted conversations with A and B, sort of afraid that it will delete the original conversation from PB and BB.
    It did not delete the original.
    Again, after re-sync those zombies came back.

    I have many conversations with many recipients but only the latest one shows...

    I know someone with what sounds like the same issue.
    Let's hope it is an easy fix.
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    10-03-12 06:14 PM
  3. thecsman's Avatar
    Just completed the upgrade and I've lost all of my appointments on my calendar. Is there anyway for me to get this data back. I have some very important dates that I need. If I do a backup from BB Protect would that work.

    Is your calendar linked to an email service?
    10-03-12 06:15 PM
  4. rexxenex's Avatar
    Question - were you before this update able to connect to more than 1 bluetooth device? I'm connected to my 9900 and music gateway at the same time!
    10-03-12 06:16 PM
  5. watchpu5hp's Avatar
    completely disappointed with this update.
    I reported earlier issue related to outlook email.
    Manually created folders although getting updated properly the emails in these folders taking infinite time to open.

    I reported this issue in the beta version but the same issue is still present.

    Outlook email works lime charm in my Iphone 4 and manually created folders sink and open emails without any delay.

    I am disappointed that RIM is not able to deliver a good email client even after multiple software upgrades.

    I don't have a blackberry phone so rest of the update is not of much use for me.
    10-03-12 06:16 PM
  6. theegoldenone's Avatar
    Just completed the upgrade and I've lost all of my appointments on my calendar. Is there anyway for me to get this data back. I have some very important dates that I need. If I do a backup from BB Protect would that work.

    Try a FEW reboots.
    10-03-12 06:23 PM
  7. Gps21's Avatar
    I still having trouble to communicate with video chat. It tells me that an another application is using my camera and I can't make video call...
    I did many clean reinstallations etc.. From the beta - no luck...any ideas???
    Also before this problem started I was able to make a video chat from tethering connection, actually before the betas, but this one and prior betas not letting to do that - why???
    10-03-12 06:23 PM
  8. Wolle's Avatar
    I tried removing and re-adding my Gmail account to the PlayBook, but I can't get the other calendars to work again. I'm really sad my calendars are gone. I spent two full days trying to figure out how to get all my Google calendars on my PlayBook.
    You will get your google-calendars back if you follow the steps discribed here:
    PlayBook OS 2.0 Tip: Syncing Multiple Google Calendars

    It seems that google looked at my updated playbook as a new device and so I had to repeat those steps too.

    The only App that doesn't work on my playbook after the update is ghost commander.
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    10-03-12 06:26 PM
  9. CairnsRock's Avatar
    Hey guys - am I the only one that caught this??? WE HAVE FULL FOLDER AND SUB-FOLDER SUPPORT FOR IMAP EMAIL ACCOUNTS NOW!!! WooOOOoooO HoooOOOooo!!!!!
    How do you open a folder? I can see the folder names but can't open them.
    10-03-12 06:37 PM
  10. dugggggg's Avatar
    Just completed the upgrade and I've lost all of my appointments on my calendar. Is there anyway for me to get this data back. I have some very important dates that I need. If I do a backup from BB Protect would that work.

    Doing a restore from BB Protect should work---but only if you use the BlackBerry Bridge calendar app (where the data is actually stored on your handset). It won't help if you only use the native PB calendar.
    10-03-12 06:42 PM
  11. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    Well that was painless, SMS through bridge is cool
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    10-03-12 06:43 PM
  12. pardi_2006's Avatar
    Adobe PDF. The same problem from os 2.0. Can't read all fonts. There's sometimes i got pdf with a special fonts, i use qpdf to open it. Hope RIM will fix it. So, i don't need anothe alternative pdf reader to read this.
    10-03-12 06:45 PM
  13. wafa510's Avatar
    I posted earlier that I think everything seems to be working faster...however, I purchased two movies in the video store and I cannot open them now. Is this a common problem now with the update?
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    10-03-12 06:48 PM
  14. doxa sub750T's Avatar
    Updated successfully and all seems to be working just fine.

    Love SMS bridge though large MMS doesn't seem to show up on PB. But this is no big deal.

    Everything works like before. I have no side loaded stuff so can't comment about it.

    One disappointment is the lack of multiple languages support. Also, bridge over wifi doesn't seem to work any faster than it was before with BT for email, bbm, etc.

    I should mention that I only bridge for email, bbm, etc. No PIM.

    By the way, wifi bridge seems to help drastically for file transfer.

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    10-03-12 06:48 PM
  15. todbanner's Avatar
    Um not sure if anyone mentionned this yet but my PlayBook doesn't seem to be charging while on the dock... It was charging this morning, I updated, reset it and now nada... the lightning bolt shows up but it went down to 1% and it's staying there....

    Anyone else getting this?

    Mine is sat on the dock right now charging happily.

    Have to ask the obvious questions; Have you checked the connections for lint / dirt?
    10-03-12 06:53 PM
  16. kraski's Avatar
    OK. This thread is growing fast enough that I'm not going back to read everything to make sure I'm not repeating anything.

    1) I'm not seeing anything in this build that deals with SMS. Email is there, likewise bbm contact messages.

    2) Sideloading Android apps is still there.

    3) It took several restarts before the Android stuff would behave. Unfortunately, Olivetree's Biblereader does nothing but crash -- my most used app. I've tried the version from AppWorld, the one at goodereader.com. There is a newer version in Google Play. But, if I can't find a way to get it to work, I may go back to OS 2.0.1.
    Just to keep this mess together, I'm quoting my original.

    4) Bridged messaging seems to have little or no connection to onboard messaging or phone messaging. Message comes iin & gets highlighted. Open PB bridged message box and message. It may or may not show as read on the phone. Still shows as unread in the PB inbox. With previous OS versions, if I read a message in the bridged inbox, the phone copy was automatically marked read and the PB inbox would have a few second delay, but would also mark it read.
    10-03-12 06:55 PM
  17. kjm2010's Avatar
    Wierd issue with SMS over the bridge.
    Keeps showing the wrong contact name. the number is correct but then it grabs the wrong contact name for display.

    other than that it is working much faster and have seen no real issues other than my sms bug.
    Me too. Weird, sometimes when I open sms on bridge, conversations look correct initially, but as sync continues the name on the thread mis-matches to another contact name my address book.
    10-03-12 07:00 PM
  18. todbanner's Avatar
    Yeah, me too. If I try to access FB Messages I get the error and the app closes.
    I'm getting this now, didn't have it yesterday on the beta.

    10-03-12 07:08 PM
  19. Gps21's Avatar
    No trust in this yet, video chat is not working.
    Also wondering why there is no auto reconnect for tethering...???
    Also somebody mentioned there will be improvements in photos, right now there is no even minimum info about your pictures taken, not even reference number, even cheapest devices on planet has it...
    Last edited by Gps21; 10-03-12 at 07:20 PM.
    10-03-12 07:09 PM
  20. B4me's Avatar
    After updating, i noticed that all my contacts have been lost. Everything is deleted... Anyone else having this issue?

    Same here!!!! All my contacts have 'gone south' .... And are not coming back!

    How about others ?

    Contacts gone?
    10-03-12 07:13 PM
  21. pinkert11's Avatar
    Calendar invites in Gmail are still a no go, not supported. I was really hoping that this would be fixed. A work device that can't accept calendar invites is a bit frustrating.
    10-03-12 07:13 PM
  22. southlander's Avatar
    So about bridge over WiFi: Is there a way to force this or even tell whether WiFi or bluetooth bridging is being used? I would think it should be faster than bluetooth.
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    10-03-12 07:13 PM
  23. wafa510's Avatar
    Ok, I just rebooted and now the movies I downloaded works. My camera works fine as well as my calendar so right now I will say everything is ok.
    10-03-12 07:13 PM
  24. SoBold's Avatar
    Rroyy has the bridge app updated for us att users
    Just to be clear, his app downloads allow for tether correct? Regardless of AT&Ts stupid rules.
    10-03-12 07:40 PM
  25. gnirkatto's Avatar
    After the upgrade:
    Bridge not working properly - Error 404, SMS icon not shown.
    Monthly calendar only shows a white panel (weeks/days seem to work OK).
    WLAN connection seems to be extremely slow and unstable (while sitting near exactly the same hotspot that worked very well over the last year) - browser errors

    need fixes urgently.
    10-03-12 07:45 PM
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