1. Sandie_M51's Avatar
    Since upgrading 2 weeks ago, the PB will not connect to any sites that require a login once the device has been woken from standby . FB gives me a certificate error, another page gives me a 3RFINA error, email gives another different error. I have to reboot to get it to work. Now I have resorted to just turning it off after every use.

    It has been suggested in other threads to reset the device, but whenever I try it, the PB just shuts down. Maybe I am doing it wrong...


    10-15-12 06:24 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar

    I had terrible issues after the update (terrible enough for me, at least). 3 debricks and 2 wipes later, I got a 336mb update pushed during the set up. Figured I had a bogus install and the OS was messed up.

    Not a single issue since then.
    10-15-12 12:06 PM
  3. Rusfuture's Avatar
    I got this goofy error also. "3RFINA". Don't know whether from email or browser. My setup is a dog's breakfast, with a WIndows XP box running a dialup link, and ICS (internet connection sharing). Then, I have a Linksys box on a second LAN that a cluster of about 6 machines (give or take a few laptops) use thru both static IPs (supported by a Fedora Linux box acting as a gateway), and the tablets supported via dynamically associated IP's, provided by the Windows XP box with the dialup link. What I think happened to me, was the email was trying to sync an 11 megabyte email attachment, which basically blocked most network access. Went to Starbucks, to download the big email messages (attachments were UofWaterloo course notes on nanotech xray lithography... really interesting reading)... Since the email download was eating all the network bandwidth (at the farm), other apps (ie. the browser) could not get access and kept either reporting "server unavailable - Try again?", or this weird "3RFINA" error. I use email via a POP3 / SMTP style account at a third party, so it is a little flaky - but I can always make it work. But WiFi linked to dialup is not fast. What is interesting, is that it actually *does* work, and allows my Playbooks (I have two now), and an old generation 1 iPad, to access and navigate the net. I recently updated both Playbooks to, and have not had any other issues, except a format/display problem - also with my email account, and the large .pdfs I was sent.. (11 and 7 meg - to large for 40kbs dialup to process in a sane time frame). I think the "3RFINA" error is related to a network access failure in realtime - but this is just a guess.. All in all, the O/S update has been fine for me, so far.
    10-23-12 07:28 PM
  4. jaymck's Avatar
    I'm running .1088 and have had browser and cogeco email issues since the prior update. I was thinking of doing a wipe and it sounds as if I will need to.
    10-27-12 11:50 AM

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