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    So with all the annoucement at CES about Email and Calendar integration, i had these questions that i was thinking about. Please note i have not messed w/ the Beta.

    a) CONTACTS- accoridng to all the videos i've seen, it seems that you'll be able to put your contacts information there and somehow, through our own input and "public information" additional information will be pulled. What does Public information mean? Does anyone know how this information is pulled? I dont need my boss, who has me as a contact, knowing that i have a private email account and twitter account and me tweeting i hate the Kardashians ( well ok, i dont but you know what i mean). So how does 2.0 pull your contacts information? Will my contacts also have access to my other private email accounts when they add my information to thier contact list? What if i have 3 email addresses..will those get pulled as well? I think Twitter and LinkedIN were those that had the "automatic" pull. What if i dont want my facebook account shared with my senior management team? Is there a way to control what other people will be able to pull on thier end when they set me as a contact and is there anything i can do on my end to limit that?

    Email- awesome so we'll have a native email feature. Do you guys know if it'll pull from our existing accounts on BIS or will we be able to select which emails get to be placed it? Personally, i like the existing bridge and im secured knowing that i am the only one looking at my information. I have 3 email accounts on BIS. If i put one on using the new feature,id only really like to put one, if that

    Bridge- Ok, so lets assume i like how my current set up works and i want the new features, but i dont want any email integration and so forth...can i still use Bridge the way i use it now and not have to integrate my contacts or email?

    Maybe there's a way to control all this information and such, but though it seems pretty cool, there are some contact information in the business world, that i dont necessarily need others knowing or more importantly having access to.
    01-13-12 09:23 AM
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    I don't think you need to be concerned. Most of the info will be pulled through your own LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. On your boss' tablet, it would be pulled through his own account. Can he already see that you have a private account? If so, that's not private.. it's public info. If it really is private, this isn't going to let him see it suddenly, and more than he can through the LinkedIn web site when he visits with his PC.

    Your Facebook data likewise would not be pulled in to his tablet, unless you have him as a friend in Facebook. If you haven't locked down the public view of your Facebook account, then it might be showing him something but it's nothing he couldn't already see if he made the minor effort to do so.

    Email appears to be up to you to define which accounts get pulled, but maybe that will work differently in a BES environment where you don't directly control everything.

    Apparently Bridge will still be there, in parallel, without being directly affected by the native PIM stuff. Changes involving Balance may affect it but that's another story.
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    01-13-12 11:11 AM
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    thanks Peter
    Appreciate it.
    For work, its simply making sure that other companies and contacts can have my work email address and thats fine, but all of a suddent are able to get all my other information from my personal accounts, which have my nonwork address.

    So asides from social media ( since i can either delete those accounts if they dont mean much to me or as you mentioned, just change my profile on them to private), do you think the key will be what email address I will end up giving future
    contacts and thats what info they'll be able to pull?

    If i share my work email w/ you and that email only and when you add me to 2.0 Contacts, sounds like you wont be able to see any information from my hotmail, aol, yahoo or whatever email address i have IF i dont give you those, even though those accounts might be integrated onto the native email app on the PB.

    Maybe it was just how the presentation went on all the reviews like Engadget, Cnet and i'll shutter to say, BGR and others, but it just seemed that all of a sudden, when you put someone's info in on your Contacts, you'll have a lot of information about them all of a sudden and that it gets pulled "Automatically". I guess i just want a little control on what information i share w/ people.

    further thoughts?
    01-13-12 11:54 AM
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    i think that the info is pulled through in the same manner as with the phones:- you would have to be friends with the individual before they can see your information in their contacts app. It also works the other way- you won't be able to see their updates either.

    Same would go for twitter and linkedin. it may even be that you have to manually connect the contact record to the social account. the same way it currently works on the bb handset.

    Please note that i'm only guessing here, but this seems the most logical way it would be.
    01-13-12 12:01 PM
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    thanks guys.
    if you look at the 4 minute mark, they show what i am referring to.
    Some how this guy's information is already updated w/ several accounts.
    I guess i just didnt know how that was done, but it seems that many accounts has been added to the new Contact profile


    What do you guys think about phone numbers? i hope that will only be populated by the phone number that you give to people and not your cell phone number automatically be pulled...
    01-13-12 12:09 PM
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    It will only be populating it for your friend (or boss) with info they already have. The phone numbers shown in that demo would probably have been entered manually, or retrieved from the corporate database since they work for the same company.

    Basically, if its public info, or you already share the info with them, this will let them see it. It's not going to dip into your accounts using your own credentials to give your boss or friends info they don't already have.
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    01-13-12 12:25 PM
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    Ok finally we have NATIVE EMAIL and CONTACTS (which should have been there in 1st place) plus a REMOTE CONTROL (Yep looks cool!) BUT what about the ANDROID APPS or PORTABILITY? or we have to just wait for Android developers to port all their apps to BB APP STORE individually for us to get to use them?
    I use my PB right now with bridge alot so the features being bragged about are not really revolutionary although useful but what I miss is good APPS!
    01-13-12 01:25 PM
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    i agree with punjabi theres not a variety of apps like skype which would be very useful on a tablet thats said to be a "business mans tablet". in my situation i need skype to do business meetings and i cant with my pb
    01-13-12 08:30 PM