1. baolam86's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Im writing this post from my gf playbook 32gb. So the new update rolled out. I just updated the playbook just now. The update is 320mb.

    The problem is before update i had 25.3gb as available storage. Many of you updated n the storage space would be reduced as the amount of the update. In my case my gf's playbook supposed to lose 320mb for the update then it should remain 24.9 at least.

    However, after the update the playbook storage reduced to 24.6 gb which mean the update actually used 700mb? Any one has the same problem like me?

    On a side question. The playbook is 32gb but displayed total storage as 29.6gb. I supposed 2.5gb belong to the OS. On my playbook i have 25 songs, 7 apps not included native apps, 4 recorded short videos. There was two previous updates up till to day. How come my all of these used up like 5gb of the storage. Is there an explanation for this? Would it be fragmented memory. If playbook storage is ssd then no fragmented memory so i have no idea. Can you guys give me a reasonable explaination?
    08-03-12 12:46 AM
  2. dieter jay's Avatar
    I think the update storage issue already discussed here
    08-03-12 04:13 AM