01-18-12 07:46 PM
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  1. diegonei's Avatar
    I bet it has nothing to do with storage!

    Truth be said, one can have a lot of free space if willing to put up with multiple accounts...

    4shared: 15gb
    SugarSync: 5.5gb (PlayBook app may be coming sometime this year)
    DropBox: 2gb
    Box.net: 50gb
    SkyDrive: 25gb

    That's 97.5gb of cloud storage!!
    102.5gb if you add Amazon Cloud Drive to the lot. That's a lot of free space...
    01-18-12 06:29 PM
  2. RicThot's Avatar
    150$ ?? You really needed to ask of its worth it?

    Go for it man, sweet deal and 16gb is ok if you do some minimal management.

    I have over 200 comic books and at least 50 pdf books, mostly programming books on mine, still plenty of space left.
    01-18-12 07:25 PM
  3. RF8655's Avatar
    well for me it depends on my throwaway threshold. Would you consider $300 something you wouldn't mind tossing out if you decided you wanted something else 6 months from now? If not, go with the 16. That's how I roll with tablets right now because they're changing so fast I don't want to invest a lot of money in case a bunch of better products come out within a few months of my purchase. I spent $200 on mine, and if an entirely new line from several different manufacturers are released in the summer, I won't feel financially married to my last purchase.
    This was very well said and couldn't agree more. In addition, with a 16gb PB you can relieve any strorage constraints by syncing with your desktop and offloading excess files there. That's the point of the desktop. You've then freed up your 16gb PB for the next round.

    Makes little sense to try to store your entire library on what's meant to be a portable on-the-go device.
    01-18-12 07:45 PM
  4. 3lionsbecks's Avatar
    First off thanks for all the responses. It appears that most agree that the 16gb is adequate enough for my wife's tasks and entertainment at this time. She is not a gamer or does she plan on adding entire music family. One area she made utilize is the camera. I can see her show off the family photos on the PB since it can fit in her purse.

    I was thinking that she can use a flash drive to store pictures, music, mp4 to save space. On line storage is a good suggestion too. One question is how much video can one record on a 16 gb? One feature I am curious about is the video feature where we can communicate with each other. How well does this work and do i need another PB or can I use another device/tablet(maybe silly ques.)

    Bottom line is I am going to buy the used PB wait for update to the O.S. and play with the PB. Oh one more ques. if the update is a success will BB adjust the price of the PB? Will there be a run on the 64 GB? Thanks for the responses thus far.
    I dont know your financial situation but you'd better talk with your wife 1st before you buy. If she wants an iPad and you get her a PB she will not be happy.
    01-18-12 07:46 PM
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