08-15-14 05:45 PM
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  1. newportironman's Avatar
    Origami Browser now out free in app world. Fast and clean and cool swiping and character navigation.
    10-29-13 03:56 PM
  2. Khmer Sot's Avatar
    Dear Khmer Blackberry Users, We might fall on trap, as Cambodian, to love Blackberry while the company have left this nation for very long time, and that include Apple (I'm not talking about Jailbreak iDevice). But for Apple, at least they put Cambodia/Khmer in their Regional, but Blackberry are non of above mentioned. Usually to make the user feel their phone, there are "3 levels of Availability" start from the minor one: Your Country is in Regional Setting, Your Country Language is Viewable (i.e. in google.kh), and finally and most important of all is, Typing in Your Country Language.

    As of now, we might not have a choice but to Try and to Garther, to Spread the Below Method i will mention. Blackberry have it owns website address ( blackberry.icanmakeitbetter) where users can "write requests to put as future features in BB OS" and we can "Vote" for idea that we need to see in the next BB OS as well. Just Sign Up, and go to vote. For Khmer Font request, in there, i put down the request as " Add Cambodia (Khmer) Font as On-demand Download ! ", you can go to above website and search it and help to vote for it, and it is better to call out/spread this to all Khmer Blackberry User either in your Facebook, Twitter, etc. to go and vote there to show the company that we need that. We hope for one day, or we just CHANGE the device we love to Android or iDevice as they do have our Khmer font for everyday activities with our family and friend. Cheer Khmer !! And Start to get use to Android or iDevices from now, so we dont feel upset on the thing we love all the time !!!
    08-14-14 11:16 PM
  3. Cracklen's Avatar
    I hope, BlackBerry could still see those "10 reasons"... for them to realize that there are still "reasons" to continually support the PlayBook...

    Posted via Z10
    Lite up their site > find email addy(s)> copy paste the list from OP with thread link> send !

    08-15-14 05:45 PM
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