View Poll Results: If the 10 inch blackberry tablet came out today I would...

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  • Buy it and keep my 7 inch playbook too

    56 44.09%
  • Sell my 7 inch playbook and buy the 10 inch

    3 2.36%
  • I do not have a 7 inch playbook, or have another tablet brand

    0 0%
  • Other

    68 53.54%
10-21-12 04:07 AM
64 123
  1. rcm1301's Avatar
    No need for a 10". I am happy with my 7" PB.
    10-11-12 11:49 AM
  2. berriac's Avatar
    I prefer my playbook over ipad. the only time I use the iPad is when I need to use the app available only for iPad
    10-11-12 12:04 PM
  3. bbmme's Avatar
    I will buy it and keep my 7inch. I like the 7inch, fits well in my hand, plus I can't see a tablet replacing my notebook just yet eh.
    10-11-12 03:35 PM
  4. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    I think the 7 inches of the PlayBook is a great size for portability. If I wanted a tablet for around the house, etc., I think 10 inch is a little too small. I'd like to see some in the 12-16 inch range
    10-11-12 03:56 PM
  5. toneytone's Avatar
    I want a 10 inch tablet badly. I would use it at home mainly when I need another video viewing devise to put a football game on. The 7' playbook is the perfect size when I'm on the go. I want to integrate my current playbook into my ride and buy another 7` and hopefully 10' playbook next year.
    esk369 likes this.
    10-11-12 04:54 PM
  6. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    It appears the consensus is that a little less than half the people are going to get a 10 inch to add to their 7 inch. A little mroe then half will keep their 7 and not get a 10
    10-11-12 07:02 PM
  7. nappp's Avatar
    I am with the 7" is best crowd. current playbook is portable and great for my needs
    10-11-12 07:18 PM
  8. ekafara's Avatar
    I'd like to have a bigger tablet for at home. , I would buy a bigger tablet then that for at home.
    10-11-12 09:18 PM
  9. chaosdivine's Avatar
    I have a 10" HP TouchPad and it dwarfs the 7" PlayBook. It feels weird going back to the 10" screen. I love the extra real estate but a bigger screen eats batteries much faster than a smaller screen. The smaller PlayBook is much more portable. I would be happy if the PlayBook had a bigger brother and I personally wish I had a 10" PlayBook with BB OS 10. I would get rid of the 7" PlayBook and the 10" HP TouchPad very quickly.
    esk369 likes this.
    10-11-12 09:36 PM
  10. masqueofhastur's Avatar
    I would rather a compact 13" or 12" tablet. 10" requires a bag and already gets fairly heavy, might as well get some extra size for it. 7-8" is perfect (depending on bezel size) for portability, anything bigger ends up being small for the next category of portability.
    10-11-12 11:10 PM
  11. alnamvet68's Avatar
    I asked my wife what she preferred, 7" or 10", and she said 10" is perfect for her needs; what does she know?
    DC506 likes this.
    10-12-12 01:54 PM
  12. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    I asked my wife what she preferred, 7" or 10", and she said 10" is perfect for her needs; what does she know?
    I'd be more concerned with "who" does she know...
    alnamvet68 likes this.
    10-12-12 02:15 PM
  13. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    I asked my wife what she preferred, 7" or 10", and she said 10" is perfect for her needs; what does she know?
    Certainly sounds like she is a BLACKberry fan
    10-12-12 07:53 PM
  14. berriac's Avatar
    Will be interesting to experience a 7"ish iPad mini
    10-21-12 04:07 AM
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